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How Is Child Support Determined In Colorado?

Child support is the cost a non-custodial parent pays for the care and maintenance of their child. The amount of child support paid by one parent to another is determined by a number of factors, including each parent’s earnings, the cost of raising a child, and time spent with the child. To ensure that parents … Continued

8 Things to Know About Failing to Pay Child Support in Colorado

Colorado does not tolerate parents who refuse to pay child support or neglect their obligations. There are many repercussions for failing to make child support payments including fines, wage garnishment, license suspension, and even imprisonment. Here are seven things you should know about the non-payment of child support in Colorado. CALL NOW: (866) 695-0314SCHEDULE YOUR … Continued

10 Things to Know About Failing to Pay Child Support in Texas

Texas does not tolerate parents who refuse or fail to pay child support. Parents that don't follow court orders for payment and willfully neglect their duties can face many consequences. Among these are fines, garnishing wages, license suspension, and even jail time. Here are 10 things you should know about failure to pay child support … Continued

How Does the Court Determine Child Support in Fort Collins, CO?

Child support and child custody are arguably some of the most challenging aspects of a case. In Colorado, as in many parts of the United States, there are laws to ensure children have the financial support of an intact family. Whether parents are, or have been married, or have never been married, the law provides … Continued

10 Steps to Easing the Divorce Process

Being involved in litigation is difficult regardless of the reason.  Divorce is especially difficult due to there being many moving parts.  Here are 10 steps that may help you navigate through the divorce process.   CALL NOW: (866) 695-0314SCHEDULE YOUR FREE CONSULTATION 1. Build a Support Team It is important to build a group of people to … Continued

Changes To Texas Child Support Calculations

There was a major change to how child support is calculated in Texas for parents with lower incomes. This article outlines this change while also providing an overall explanation of how the Texas Family Code defines and determines child support payments for non-custodial parents. CALL NOW: (866) 695-0314SCHEDULE YOUR FREE CONSULTATION What is Child Support? … Continued

How is Child Support Calculated in Texas?

The person who pays child support in Texas is the obligor, the person receiving child support is the obligee.  In 1989, Texas Legislators introduced statutory “guideline child support”. This set the percentage of net resources an obligor has to pay based upon the total number of children that the obligor has an obligation to legally … Continued

Navigating Child Support During COVID

With the latest news from California Governor Gavin Newsome shutting down all “non-essential” businesses starting March 17, 2020, in the six local bay area counties, many parents may be wondering how to keep up with their child support payments during a time of possible unemployment. Some of my clients are lucky enough to be working … Continued

A General Overview of Child Support

Child support is a common issue in a divorce case with kids. Disputes over child support may significantly impact the co-parenting relationship and will affect the financial circumstances of the parents.  As attorneys, we hear child support horror stories which are misleading or outright incorrect. This misinformation can cause people who are already dealing with … Continued

Misconceptions About Child Support in Colorado

Rather frequently, we’ll get a call from a client who has read an article somewhere about what the law “is”. Because of the information they've come across, they’ll want to pursue an objective, or they’ll formulate an opinion as to their rights. This is particularly common for issues involving child support. Since this issue comes … Continued

Child Support Change Ups

In any case, involving disputes about parenting time, child support is inevitably one of the issues that will come before the court. Eventually, once all is said and done, in most cases the court will enter a child support order, detailing the obligation that one party owes the other. For whatever reason, as time passes, … Continued

The Nuances Of Child Support

Cases involving children almost always include child support.  Child support is one of those aspects of family law that everyone seems to “know about”.  However, it’s pretty likely that the extent of your knowledge on the matter is actually fairly limited. This article is directed towards those wanting to know more about the nuance of … Continued

Child Support Issues

If a couple decides to separate and they have kids in the mix, you better believe that they will eventually know what it means to deal with child support issues. When we say there may be child support issues, you can rest assured that there are many. Child support may seem like a pretty simple … Continued

Factors Affecting Child Support in Colorado

Divorce can be a tough process for everyone.  When you have children, your case can be extra complicated and expensive.  If child support is part of your case, this article may help you understand the factors affecting the amount owed. Physical Care One factor is the time parents spend with the child(ren). Generally speaking, the … Continued

Informal vs Court Initiated Child Support Payment Modification

Child support payments can be modified to assist those who are experiencing financial difficulties. A problem arises though when a court-ordered child support payment agreement is modified outside of the court system. CALL NOW: (866) 695-0314SCHEDULE YOUR FREE CONSULTATION Informal Payment Modifications Often times, when a spouse responsible for making child support payments (the obligor) … Continued