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Declaring Your Own Independence – When Is It Time For A Divorce?

Deciding to get a divorce is a scary and difficult proposition for many individuals to come to terms with. Even couples that have faced years of constant fighting, stress, and general unhappiness struggle to let go of their marriage. Even if it doesn’t feel like it right now, ending your marriage will ultimately be better for both you and your spouse. But with so much pressure placed on relationships today and a general fear of being alone as a result, few people are ready to give up on their spouse so easily. If these feelings resonate with you, read on to find out if it’s time to let go and declare your own independence in the pursuit of happiness.

Lack of commitment in marriage is the top reason for divorce
Lack of commitment in marriage is the top reason for divorce

You’ve Lost Those Loving Feelings

If you believe your partner does not value your feelings, or if he/she has said as much but you haven’t accepted it, you may have identified a serious issue. Problems with honest communication are just one of the factors preventing you from solving your relationship issues. It is possible that both parties in a relationship stopped considering one another’s feelings a long time ago. Indifference is the antithesis of love, and if you notice it in your relationship, it may be time to consider divorce.

You’re Spending Less Time Together

Spending time together, getting excited about trying new things with your spouse, and looking forward to being together after work and on the weekends is one of the greatest things about being newly married. As time goes on, you may notice that you and your spouse don’t have the same desire to spend time with one another as often. When a couple finds that they prefer to spend their free time alone or with individuals other than their spouse, it indicates that they are not as invested in their partner or as interested in keeping each other company. As time passes, the gap between them will only grow larger. If you have been aware of this but have been looking the other way, it may be time to consider letting go of a bad marriage.

Your Priorities Have Shifted

When you see someone in a relationship starting to prioritize their career or a hobby over the health of their marriage loving and thriving, it’s a strong indication that a marriage may be on the ropes. Withdrawing from one another, not making time for one another, ignoring the other person’s emotional needs, viewing oneself as an independent entity, and making choices without considering what one’s spouse wants all contribute to the void in a relationship expanding and the love fading away. Divorce and letting go of a detrimental marriage become more probable as time passes in these situations.

You No Longer Compromise

When you care for someone, you are more inclined to make concessions and compromise during disagreements out of the love you share. As that love fades, they appear to be undeserving of your compassion and admiration. You begin to see an increase in conflicts and an unwillingness to come to a compromise or resolution. It is vital to confront conflicts every time they occur. If you avoid them, you will only grow farther apart. This is a sign of giving up on a relationship and avoiding confrontation. You are giving up not only on your spouse but also on what you’ve built together. When a marriage reached this point it is time to consider moving on for the betterment of all involved.

Your Communication Has Changed

If you notice that your arguments start about one topic but quickly snowball into other unrelated areas, it indicates that there are many unresolved issues that have built up over time. You may notice that you are fighting more often, you argue more fiercely, or that you are fighting about things that didn’t seem to matter at the beginning of your relationship. This points to an unhealthy marriage and you should seek outside help. If you are both willing to try and reconcile your differences, you should consider speaking with a counselor to help you work through your conflicts. If you don’t think you can address your issues, then it is best to move forward with divorce.


Recognizing that it’s in the best interest to end a marriage can be a daunting decision. The fear of being alone after investing years in building a life together can feel paralyzing. Concerns about the costs and paperwork involved in a divorce can also add to the apprehension. However, settling into a marriage devoid of affection, support, or attention is not a healthy option. Being honest with oneself and one’s partner is essential, understanding that a fresh start benefits everyone involved. While starting over may seem intimidating, it presents an opportunity for personal growth and happiness. Seeking support from professionals can help navigate the process. Choosing to end a marriage is an act of self-care and a step toward a more fulfilling life.

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By: MFL Team

Posted July 01, 2024

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