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We like to think of ourselves as a tech company that practices law. So, it makes perfect sense that we’ve expanded our services to Silicon Valley. If you’re looking for experienced and compassionate representation who is results-focused, then you’ve come to the right place.

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We’re not fans of surprises and we suspect you aren’t either. We built these divorce calculators just for you, so you know what to expect every step of the way.

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Visit with us through a free consultation so we can make it as easy as possible for you to get help. You can meet in person to chat with an attorney, visit with them via video, or talk by phone, whichever you prefer.

In many cases, a consultation can be done the same day you call us, just ask our team when you call in.

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We're Helping Families

We’re excited to be helping San Jose families during these difficult times. Our team of professional attorneys is here to help. We can even help with your DIY divorce through paid guidance or full representation.

San Jose Family Attorneys

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How Can We Help?

We work hard to resolve family cases with compassion because we know that conflict only produces more financial and emotional drain. While you can see our primary practice areas page, these are the four main categories.

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Easy Billing Process

Our tech-first approach to each case is what saves our clients time and money. By mitigating conflict and simplifying the process, you can count on our San Jose team to help you achieve the outcome you desire for an affordable cost.

Visit the fees & costs page to get more details about how we work, or check out the Attorney Fees Calculator.



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What Our Clients Say

Avery W

"David has done nothing but incredible work."

“My attorney is David Collins. Although I feel like everyone in this office cares about and works on my case. David has done nothing but incredible work. He supports me as a mother and fights for my rights nonstop. He cares about my opinion on all steps we take and always consults me before making moves. I’m very glad I hired him. Especially since all the work he does, to me, is worth way more than the super affordable prices I’m actually paying.”

Brian D.

"Pleasure to work with this team."

“Pleasure to work with this team. I recommend them to anyone wanting legal assistance. I can’t thank them enough for helping me thru a bump in my life.”

Brittney A.

"I've had a great experience..."

“Louisa is a great attorney I would very much recommend her and the company! I’ve had a great experience so far and love working with her.”

C. Rosie

"If you are looking for a lawyer who will go the distance and then some..."

“My divorce was rather messy but I was so grateful to have had Karlee in my corner. She helped me at my lowest point making sure I was informed every step of the way. Most importantly I could communicate with her at any point in the process and she was there for me. Karlee I can never say thank you enough for helping me through on of the most difficult times in my life. Your a life saver for sure! If you are looking for a lawyer who will go the distance and then some she is your gal for sure!!”

Debran J.

"I appreciated their care with my case..."

“I appreciated their care with my case and considerations for my children. I don’t know how they compare to others, but they treated me well.”

Garin D.

"They were professional, timely, knowledgeable, and compassionate..."

“Karlee and Selena did a fantastic job helping me through a difficult divorce. They were professional, timely, knowledgeable, and compassionate towards my former spouse throughout the process. I am very thankful for their service and would recommend them to anyone!”

Mike U.

"I don't know where to start!"

“I don’t where to start! All I have to say is this, if you want a Lawyer that wants the best for you and will protect you and your child through a divorce…Jennifer Garcia is the one that you will want and need. Jennifer has been there for me and my son through this entire process and is absolutely amazing. She knows so much and I promise she has your back and interest. I am in a middle of a custody case with my son and she has been there for me whenever I needed her. I absolutely love this firm and I could not of ask for a better lawyer. She has been there for me this entire time and not once turned her back us. Like I said, Jennifer Garcia and the law firm of Modern Family Law is all you will ever need.
Thanks, Mike”

Rebecca B.

"Modern Family Law made a very difficult process so much easier..."

“I’m fortunate that I had a very amicable divorce so, when I had some questions concerning, laws, paperwork, etc., I turned to Modern Family Law and was connected with their attorney. She was patient, knowledgeable, thorough and supportive. Getting divorced is not fun and not understanding all the legal mumbo jumbo makes it just that much worse and she made sure to explain everything to me so I understood what was going on and she was always available when I had questions. Modern Family Law made a very difficult process so much easier and a little less painful. Thank you Modern Family Law!”

San Jose Modern Family Team
Deana helping Patrick
Adrienna help a client

Supportive Atmosphere

When people call us, it’s often the worst day in their life.  In many cases, something bad has just happened that’s finally pushed them to the limit.  We understand because many of us have been there, too.  Our experience is our guide to helping you move on.

Attorney Fees

Everyone wants to know how much their case will cost.  The truth is, no one knows.  This is because every divorce or family law case is different and the attorney fees are mostly based on the level of conflict.  Use our resources to help manage your fees.

Agile & Willing

We look forward to meeting many of our clients in person once we feel it’s safe to conduct business in our offices again. However, even after our pandemic is over, we’ll continue to offer video and phone consultations. We want to work around your needs.

Bay Area Team

We’ve got the entire Bay Area supported now with our San Jose office. So, no matter where you find yourself in the city, we’re here to help offer reliable and caring family law services. We’re continually collaborating to make your experience easier.

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