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Child Support

8 Things to Know About Failing to Pay Child Support in Colorado

Colorado does not tolerate parents who refuse to pay child support or neglect their obligations. There are many repercussions for failing to make child support payments including fines, wage garnishment, license suspension, and even imprisonment. Here are eight things you should know about the non-payment of child support in Colorado.

1. Failing to Pay
Can Lead to Jail Time

Colorado law does not take failure to pay child support lightly. Going to jail is a very real possibility for parents who fail or refuse to make their support payments. You can be found in contempt of court in Colorado if you fail to pay child support. If the court convicts you, you will be required to pay a fine or serve up to 180 days in jail.

2. Garnished Wages from Your Paycheck

The state can put an income withholding order (IWO) in place to automatically withhold child support payments from the noncustodial parent’s paycheck. When this order is sent to an employer they will adjust the payments and the noncustodial parent will not be able to avoid their child support payments.

child support statistic
child support statistic

3. Revocation of License(s)

In Colorado, if an individual is found in contempt of court for failure to pay child support there are several penalties that can be imposed relating to revocation of licenses. This includes suspensions of the individual’s Colorado driver’s license, suspension of occupational and professional licenses, and suspension of any hunting and fishing licenses the individual may have.

4. Liens Can Be Placed On Property

Liens can be placed on assets until any child support debt has been paid off. Assets these liens can be placed against include property, bank accounts, retirements plans, and automobiles.

5. Interception of Tax Refunds and
Lottery Winnings

The government can intercept any means of monetary payments from state and federal sources from a parent that owes child support. This includes tax refund checks and lottery winnings.

6. Impacts On Credit Rating

Credit bureaus are alerted by the state of any individuals that are delinquent on their child support payments. In turn, this will negatively impact their credit rating.

7. Ineligible For A Passport

A parent that owes $2,500 or more in child support payments in not eligible to receive a United States passport.

8. Unpaid Support Doesn’t Go Away

One might think that once a child legally becomes an adult they are no longer liable for unpaid child support payments. This is incorrect. Child Support Services (CSS) in Colorado create a balance for all unpaid child support. These payments may even increase over time as CSS can apply interest on late payments.

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By: MFL Team

Posted September 11, 2023

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