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Introducing Our Colorado Licensed Legal Paraprofessionals (LLP) Program

At Modern Family Law, we're redefining family law with our compassionate and innovative Licensed Legal Paraprofessional (LLP) program, aimed at making expert legal assistance more accessible in Colorado. This initiative broadens the availability of high-quality legal support, ensuring clients receive the expertise they deserve. Our certified and trained LLPs handle a variety of family law matters.

The LLP program caters to Colorado's diverse legal needs, offering personalized guidance across amicable divorces, custody agreements, and more. By providing clear and efficient legal advice, we empower individuals to navigate their legal journeys with confidence.


Choosing Modern Family Law’s LLP program means partnering with a team that’s committed to your legal success and well-being. We invite you to join us in a transformative era of family law, where our LLP program is designed to bring expert legal representation within reach for more individuals.

Who Is The LLP Program Intended For?

Our Licensed Legal Paraprofessional (LLP) program is designed for a diverse range of clients, each facing unique situations but sharing a common need for accessible, professional legal assistance. Here are examples of ideal clients who would benefit from our LLP services:

1. The Proactive DIYer

Meet Cynthia, a well-informed individual who prefers to handle things herself. She and her husband have agreed on the terms of their divorce and asset allocation but seek professional guidance to ensure everything is processed correctly. Our LLPs are perfect for providing that expert oversight, ensuring peace of mind without the need for full attorney involvement.

Colorado lawyers and LLPs can only represent one party in any family law case.

2. The Amicable Agreers

Rosalyn and Tyrone are in complete agreement over the terms of their divorce and custody arrangements. They want professional help to navigate the legal process smoothly, ensuring their decisions are legally sound. Our LLPs can offer the necessary legal assistance to make their amicable separation formal without complications or unnecessary costs.

Colorado lawyers and LLPs can only represent one party in any family law case.

3. The Friendly Separators

James and Vincent, a couple with a simple asset situation and a mutual understanding of their separation terms, represent another ideal client. They are on good terms but feel out of their depth with the legal aspects of their divorce. Our LLPs can manage their case from start to finish, providing expertise and peace of mind through an otherwise challenging time.

Colorado lawyers and LLPs can only represent one party in any family law case.


Understanding LLP Services: What LLPs Can & Cannot Do?

Licensed Legal Paraprofessionals are empowered to extend a range of legal services designed to make access to justice more affordable and accessible. Here’s how they can assist:

What LLPs Can Do

Licensed Legal Paraprofessionals are empowered to extend a range of legal services designed to make access to justice more affordable and accessible. Here’s how they can assist:

Legal Document Preparation

LLPs assist clients with the preparation and comprehension of key legal documents in family law.

Information Gathering

They gather necessary information and documents, facilitating a smoother legal process.

General Legal Guidance

Within the scope of their certification, LLPs offer general advice on family law issues to ensure clients understand their options and the legal framework.

Direct Representation In Limited Settings

LLPs may represent clients in certain legal scenarios under the supervision of a licensed attorney.

What LLPs Cannot Do

While LLPs make a substantial contribution to the family legal landscape in Colorado, it’s important to recognize the distinct limitations on the scope of their legal services:

Question Witnesses

LLPs are authorized to represent clients in court but are not permitted to question witnesses. This task remains within the purview of licensed attorneys.

Intricate Legal Issues Outside Of Family Law

LLPs cannot take on cases that involve intricate legal issues, which require the depth of knowledge and experience of a licensed attorney.

*LLPs have a limited license to practice in family law and are not licensed to practice in any other areas of law. To review the full text of this rule see [section Colo. R. Civ. P. 207.1]

Meet Our Incredible Team Of Colorado Licensed Legal Paraprofessionals

Discover the heart and soul behind our pioneering legal services at Modern Family Law. Our team of Licensed Legal Paraprofessionals (LLPs) represents the forefront of accessible and compassionate legal assistance in Colorado. Each member brings a unique blend of expertise, empathy, and dedication to their role, ensuring that our clients receive the highest standard of support.

Colorado Licensed Legal Paraprofessional Selena Salinas

Selena Salinas

Licensed Legal Paraprofessional

Kris Freeman Colorado Springs Licensed Legal Paraprofessional

Kris Freeman

Licensed Legal Paraprofessional

Unlock Your Legal Possibilities!

From guiding you through the intricacies of legal documentation to offering general legal guidance with utmost care, our LLPs are more than just service providers; they are your partners in navigating the legal landscape. With diverse backgrounds and a shared commitment to justice, our team is equipped to handle a wide range of family law matters, always with your best interest at heart.


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