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Selena Salinas is a Licensed Legal Paraprofessional with over a decade of experience as a family law paralegal. In her tenure as a paralegal, Selena has provided meaningful assistance to hundreds of clients in a variety of differing and complex family law matters including dissolution proceedings, child custody matters, modification actions, and many other types of family law proceedings.  

Originally from Texas, Selena moved to Northern Colorado in 2015, bringing with her a unique blend of southern warmth and Rocky Mountain resilience. As a child of divorce, Selena has firsthand experience of the emotional and logistical challenges that arise in any family law matter, providing her with a unique and multi-faceted perspective on the impact of such circumstances on the family unit as a whole. This personal insight fuels her empathetic approach to providing legal guidance and support in every case and helps bolster her unfettered commitment to providing compassionate and effective assistance to clients who are navigating similar challenging situations.

Outside of her professional life, Selena enjoys traveling, expressing her creativity through drawing, painting, and exploring new cultures and cuisines.

Interesting Facts

  • Selena is a passionate football fan and can often be found managing her fantasy football team on Sundays. 
  • She is also an avid traveler, always seeking new adventures and experiences.

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