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3 Divorce Considerations During COVID-19

There has been a lot of information that has been circulating relating to the impact of Coronavirus on child and spousal support and child custody and visitation, but what about its impact on other aspects of a divorce or legal separation? Here are some other things should you consider relating to your divorce or legal … Continued

What Does Parental Alienation Look Like?

Parental alienation occurs when a parent poisons the relationship between the other parent and his or her children. Its effects are highly destructive on the children and the parents. Experts warn that parental alienation if left unchecked, may have a lifelong impact on a child. Also, the child's relationship with both parents is negatively affected. … Continued

5 Things NOT to Post During a Divorce

Divorce is easy - said no one, ever. Going through a divorce is one of life's most stressful experiences both emotionally and financially. In today's world, we often turn to social media as an outlet to voice our opinions, seek solace with friends, or simply to keep up with the Kardashians... I mean news. As … Continued

Goodbye Dependency Exemptions

Changes Some provisions of Trump's tax plan do not take effect until 2019 (i.e. switching the tax burden from the maintenance recipient to the payer). Some tax changes apply immediately, however. As of 2018, exemptions for dependents no longer exist.  Both the Standard Deduction and the Child Tax Credit, though, increased.  This article will discuss … Continued

Everything to Know About Military Divorce in Colorado

Divorce is a complicated process from dividing assets and agreeing on parenting time, to spousal maintenance and contested separations. Many factors make divorce cumbersome and stressful. Unfortunately, getting a divorce gets even more complicated and difficult for the brave men and women (and their spouses) who serve our country and protect our freedoms, daily. With six … Continued

Colorado Support Groups to Help You Through Divorce

Divorce is a challenging time in a person’s life. Anyone who has been through a divorce can offer many reasons as to why divorce is painful and hard, especially if there are children involved. Your world is turned upside down, and it can be hard to return to reality and feel normal again. The problems … Continued

Protection Order Terminology

Family law, like many areas of law, can be confusing and intimidating. Unless you’ve had training in legal concepts, some of the terminologies that get thrown around can sound like gibberish. Beyond that, sometimes it can be difficult to understand what the terms of a court order may mean. To that end, protection orders can … Continued

Protection Orders: Temporary vs. Permanent

Family law cases can occasionally involve some rather unfortunate subject matter. Some people’s relationships may involve various forms of abuse or domestic violence. In these instances, a person may be able to seek a protection order to reduce the likelihood of future incidents. If you find yourself in the unfortunate position of wondering whether you … Continued

Supervised Parenting Time

Family law cases are trying on everyone involved and they can certainly bring out some of the worst in people. In those cases where children are involved, however, some rather negative behaviors may have been present long before the family law case was ever initiated. This brings us to our topic of today -- supervised … Continued

Family Law Blunders: Impacts of Social Media

In this day and age, technology is everywhere. Our appliances are being tied in with the internet, our jobs increasingly use technology, our phones are getting faster and smarter, and social media is king. With all this technology comes constant access. However, when it comes to family law, constant access to the internet might be … Continued

Parenting Schedules: 101

When couples break up, their relationship ends and they tend to go their separate ways. However, if a couple has kids together, the intimacy may be over, but parenting may continue for years to come. What’s more, when exes have difficulty co-parenting, it may leave the kids caught in the middle of an argument between … Continued

Religion and Family Law: Thou Shalt Not Divorce

Religion is important to an extremely large number of people -- it shapes their belief systems, provides a framework for how they interact with the world and may be fundamental to their identity. As important as religious belief and practice may be to an individual, there is occasional tension between what a person’s religion requires … Continued

Automatic Temporary Injunction: Violations

In any divorce or legal separation case, the court will issue an automatic temporary injunction. The automatic temporary injunction requires the parties to continue engaging in certain behavior while prohibiting the parties from engaging in other behaviors. In a perfect world, the parties recognize the importance of compliance and no issues arise. However, in reality, … Continued

Domestic Violence in Family Law

Anyone who’s ever been in a relationship has probably experienced a bad relationship. While bad relationships are common, there are certain types of “bad relationships” that are distinct from the rest. These unhealthy and dangerous relationships involve domestic violence (DV).  This article, although intended to educate, is a brief overview of what happens to be … Continued

Finding the Right Family Law Firm

Finding a good law firm is just as important as choosing the right attorney.  As a person seeking legal services, it can be hard to distinguish between seemingly similar firms. This brings us to our article here--we’ve taken the time to review some of the most crucial determinations to consider when picking a law firm … Continued

The Nuances Of Child Support

Cases involving children almost always include child support.  Child support is one of those aspects of family law that everyone seems to “know about”.  However, it’s pretty likely that the extent of your knowledge on the matter is actually fairly limited. This article is directed towards those wanting to know more about the nuance of … Continued

How Marital Debts are Distributed During Divorce

Joint debts can be a tough issue in a divorce. These debts may have terms longer than the duration of the marriage. These debts can also be a painful reminder of the marriage. Nevertheless, knowing who pays what can help you to better prepare for your transition into life as a single income earner.  In … Continued

Best Interest Of The Child

When Colorado courts are tasked with making an initial determination of parenting time (formerly known as “physical custody”), the standard they must apply is “best interests of the child.”  But what is "best interests?"  There are several best interest factors that the Court will take into consideration and use when formulating a parenting plan.  It … Continued