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Child Protection

Supervised Parenting Time

Family law cases are trying on everyone involved and they can certainly bring out some of the worst in people. In those cases where children are involved, however, some rather negative behaviors may have been present long before the family law case was ever initiated. This brings us to our topic of today — supervised parenting time.

Supervised parenting time is a rather descriptive name on its own accord. Essentially, a court may order that one person’s parenting time be supervised. This supervision may be for any number of reasons and may be provided under numerous contexts. Although this is a simple explanation, it will help lay some foundational understanding of the pieces to come.

Why Would This Happen?

There are many reasons why a court might order that a parent’s parenting time be supervised. While not intended to be an exhaustive list, the following tend to be among the most common culprits:

Estranged Parent

If one parent is estranged from their child(ren), there may be damage to the parent-child relationship. Perhaps the child has not properly bonded with the parent, or maybe due to the length of separation, the child’s connection with their parent has been strained. In this situation, supervision helps to provide a safe environment within which the parent and child can work to repair their bond.

Substance Abuse

If a parent exhibits concerning behavior related to substance abuse, it creates a danger to their child(ren). Whether the parent has been intoxicated while parenting, or if the parent’s substance abuse begins to permeate all facets of their life, either situation is problematic. Here, supervision helps provide protection against issues regarding the parent’s substance abuse.

Domestic Violence

Domestic violence is always a concerning issue. This is especially true as it pertains to children if the children are present for incidences of domestic violence. Witnessing domestic violence can cause significant damage to a child’s emotional well-being. For these children, supervised parenting time can serve to rebuild trust and repair the damage caused by domestic violence.

Sexual Abuse

Unfortunately, in family law, the reality of a parent’s sexual abuse against their child(ren) is sometimes a reality. Obviously, sexual abuse can cause extensive damage to a child. However, a court may allow a parent to have contact with their child(ren) in a supervised setting. In this situation, the provider serves as a surety of safety.

Final Thoughts

In family law cases, some parents exhibit concerning behavior that can negatively impact their child(ren). In these instances, a court may order that this parent’s parenting time be supervised. If you have concerns with behaviors exhibited by the other parent of your children, or if they maybe have concerns about you, take the time to talk to a family law attorney. Here at MFL, we provide free consultations with our team of family law attorneys. Give us a call today for your free consultation.

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