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Useful “Stay at home” Resources for Children

CoVID-19 has had a powerful and immediate impact on us all. Businesses and schools are closing for indefinite periods. Like many companies, at Modern Family Law we have implemented a work-from-home policy. Our team and their families now find themselves with a lot more time staying at home together. This presents challenges, even as this … Continued

Privacy in Family Matters

Family law frequently involves some of the most intimate and personal details of a person’s life. Whether it’s a divorce, allocation of parental responsibilities, or some other family law case, there’s a substantial likelihood that private details will be made public, or at least semi-public. As a result, our clients understandably tend to express concerns … Continued

Online Divorces

Online divorces or DIY divorces are becoming more commonplace for couples seeking a low-cost way to separate. Companies like and offer what appears to be a seamless online divorce process for a fraction of what reputable law firms would charge. And many residents are flocking to these sites for their divorce needs without … Continued

How Our “Paperless Office” Benefits Your Family Law Case

Happy Earth Day! At Modern Family Law, we are not only leaders in the legal community, but strong advocates of eco-friendly practices and efforts throughout Colorado and California. In fact, our firm was the first in the region to use iPads exclusively for evidence during a trial. Today, we spearhead the efforts to expand this … Continued

Your Perfect Partner Doesn’t Exist

We are all looking for the perfect relationship, right? The match with the person who meets all of our needs, and gives us that perfect storybook life we’ve always dreamed about. The problem with that is that in that world view the relationship is the end point. “and they lived happily ever after.” Where reality … Continued

What Facebook Data Can Tell Us About Relationships

By now it’s no secret that lots of people use Facebook. As of October 2014, Facebook had 1.35 billion monthly users, with 864 million people logging on each day. Take a moment to think about this. It means that each month, 1 out of every 5 people on the planet uses Facebook, and each day … Continued

mCouple: A Divorce Lawyer’s Take on the Controversy

In the current age of technology, we have GPS, voice recorders, and now, a new app, entitled “mCouple” which is an application that can be installed on a partner, spouse, or child’s phones. The app allows you to monitor the phone calls, texts, emails, Facebook activity, and any source of data on the phone for … Continued