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Child Support

Child Support: Your Obligations and Rights

The Costs Associated with Child Support

Divorce cases involving children and adolescents are among the most stressful, complicated, and sensitive of all family law cases. Our firm recognizes that adolescents and young children can be severely impacted by the perpetuation of conflict and an unhealthy marriage. For many parents, divorce is the only solution to escaping a bad situation.

After divorce and family law disputes, battles for child custody, visitation rights, and even paternal disputes may follow. Make sure you are protected by only hiring experienced legal counsel. You should only consider attorneys, whose primary practice area is family law.

Some of these issues my affect your affect your income when it comes to child support:

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How is child support calculated in Colorado?

In Colorado, child support is calculated using a formula that creates a presumptive number for the court’s order. The resulting number is presumptive because the court may vary from it if it determines there are legal reasons to do so. However, most child support orders are very close to the number the calculation produces.

Major factors in calculating child support include the number of overnights, health insurance costs, relative income of the parents, and some education-related expenses. Based on the number of overnights, there are two different “worksheets” that can be used to determine the presumptive child support number.

Often, factors are not as clear as we would like. For example, a parent’s income may be difficult to determine based on their status as a stay-at-home parent, or because they receive bonuses, or overtime, or are independent contractors instead of W-2 employees. We can help weed through these difficult situations to help parents get the right number for child support.

Don’t Face These Difficult Legal Issues Alone

Divorce and child custody disputes happen to people across all sorts of socio-economic backgrounds. It’s important that when family law disputes arise that you have access to effective legal advocacy. Modern Family Law will be your guide throughout the stressful process of trying to divide time with kids between separated couples, and calculate reasonable child support numbers.

Contact Modern Family Law today for a complimentary consultation on all needs related to child custody and child support. We offer comprehensive, knowledgeable service on child support, wage garnishment, parenting time, supervised time, and recording of drug and alcohol abuse charges within families. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help.

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