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The Divorce Mission Statement

The divorce mission statement may seem a little ridiculous at the onset of your journey. Your goal for getting divorced seems pretty obvious: to not be married to your spouse. In Colorado, the fastest you can get divorced in 91 days. In these 91 days, you will likely feel angry, sad, lost, anxious, excited, and happy. Sometimes, you’ll feel all of these things at the same time. It can be very confusing and you may feel overwhelmed. The divorce mission statement can help you stay grounded and focused when everything around you feels out of control.

Preparing Your Mission Statement

When you start your mission statement, it’s important to think, “When I look back, what do I want to think about how I conducted myself?” Emotions run high during divorce proceedings. You may feel like your spouse is being difficult, or that you aren’t getting what’s fair. You may feel attacked, or dismissed. All of these emotions can lead to higher conflict, which may prompt even more feelings of hostility. If you are able to determine that you want to look back and believe that you carried yourself with integrity and kindness, you can help stay focused when your emotions threaten to get the best of you.

Create an Action Plan

Once you determine how you want to look back, consider how you plan to achieve that. Treating yourself with kindness, putting your children first, forgiving your spouse and yourself for any wrongdoing – these are all ways that you can create an action plan to achieve the goals on which you already decided. When you begin to behave in a way that doesn’t support your goals, you can use your mission statement as a measuring stick for your feelings.

Review Your Mission Statement

You may consider putting a reminder in your phone to review your divorce mission statement once a week. If you think some of the goals are outdated or not applicable, revise and move forward. Checking in with yourself this way will teach you to be introspective. If you’re unsure about where to begin, check out this free tool to get you started. If you need help with your divorce, request a free consultation with one of our divorce attorneys. Our firm can help you begin to move forward.

Posted January 04, 2015
by: MFL Team

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