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Stuck with My Spouse during Coronavirus

If one stops to think a bit about it, relationships of all sorts are going through new stresses given the Coronavirus outbreak. Even the relationships that are doing well and thriving in such a time have experienced changes that aren't necessarily helpful. It's not what life throws our way, but rather how we respond that … Continued

10 Ways to Care for Yourself After Divorce in 2019

Nobody gets married with the end goal of divorce.  I know that was not my plan.  But here I am, almost two years divorced, and I am in a better place than where I was.  It was not all roses - I’ve helped others get divorced for almost 10 years and it never is – … Continued

Parenting Time in Colorado

In an Allocation of Parental Responsibilities (“APR” for short) case or divorce with children, one of the biggest client concerns is spending time with their kids. The traditional term most used by people when thinking of this topic is custody. In Colorado, however, the courts no longer use this term as it carries some negative … Continued

Pre-Divorce Planning

If you are tensely awaiting a looming divorce, taking appropriate steps may help to put yourself in the best position possible. At the start of a divorce, legal requirements kick in.  However, if you have some advance notice that a divorce might be coming down the pike, pre-divorce planning might give you a head start. … Continued

Understanding Prenuptial Agreements

So just about everyone at one point in their lives has heard a saying somewhere along the lines of, “You might want to get yourself a prenup.” Beyond that, everyone probably has some ability to guess the purpose of a “prenup.” While everyone may have some notion, the actual contours of antenuptial, premarital, or prenuptial … Continued

5 Common Mistakes Made at the Beginning of a Divorce

The following are some of the most serious mistakes couples make before pursuing a divorce, but by no means does this article cover all common offenses. Still, by recognizing these easily avoidable divorce mistakes, you’ll make your life much easier if you decide to separate. Mistake #1: Making Decisions Without the Court When a divorce … Continued

What Are My Rights As A Father?

Courts are forbidden from favoring the mother when making child custody decisions, but unfortunately, many judges often still see the mother as the more significant influence in a child’s life. Fathers have rights too, though, and should be aware of them if they hope to be involved in their children’s lives. Those who are fighting … Continued

10 Tips for Successful Co-Parenting

Family law is a strange animal. Unlike most other types of cases, family law cases often don’t end with the court’s “final” or “permanent orders.” Where this is most apparent is in those cases where children are involved, such as divorce or allocation of parental responsibilities. In an ordinary civil case, litigants bring their case to … Continued

3 Questions to Consider When Contemplating Divorce

One thing still rings true in today’s society: Couples will have rough patches every so often. Whether you argue about putting the dishes away, taking out the trash, or about constantly coming home late from work during the week, having a few arguments is normal. However, if these little arguments manifest into grudges, and then … Continued

Long-Term Effects of Divorce Agreements

During the dissolution of marriage, it is essential that you consider the ramifications of any agreement, or court order for that matter, in good times and in bad. Not every dissolution of marriage is messy and expensive. Not every divorce is high conflict. But even in the situations when your parting ways may be on amicable … Continued

Divorce and the Impact of Cancer

For years now, our firm has followed the health impacts of divorce on men and women and noted the disparity between the sexes. Yet another new study confirms our observation that the health of men and women is impacted in different ways. In an article published in the New York Times, we see that when … Continued