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Divorce and the Impact of Cancer

For years now, our firm has followed the health impacts of divorce on men and women and noted the disparity between the sexes. Yet another new study confirms our observation that the health of men and women is impacted in different ways.

In an article published in the New York Times, we see that when men were diagnosed with cancer and became ill, only 3% experienced the end of a marriage. But among women patients, about 21% ended up separated or divorced. The study was conducted by Dr. Michael J. Glantz of the University of Utah Huntsman Cancer Institute and colleagues from three other institutions who began to collect data on 515 patients diagnosed with brain tumors or multiple sclerosis from 2001 through 2006. Here is some more on Breast Cancer from Provision Healthcare.

Men & Women Cope Differently

Women in Dr. Glantz’s study who were diagnosed with serious illness were six times more likely to become separated or divorced than men with similar health problems. One doctor in the study speculated that differences in male and female roles in the family might explain the trend. “There clearly is an emotional attachment woman have to spouse, family, and home that in times of stress causes women to hunker down and deal with it, while men may want to flee.”

Final Thoughts

Whatever the real reason for this disparity may be, we continue to argue that treating men and women the same through the divorce process fails to address the clear fact that these clients have different needs, challenges, and resources. Recognizing these differences will serve all clients better.

Posted December 18, 2014
by: MFL Team

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