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3 Questions to Consider When Contemplating Divorce

One thing still rings true in today’s society: Couples will have rough patches every so often. Whether you argue about putting the dishes away, taking out the trash, or about constantly coming home late from work during the week, having a few arguments is normal. However, if these little arguments manifest into grudges, and then transcends into resentment, you may want to consider alternative options.  Contemplating divorce is a common next step.

Even if you are serious about keeping your relationship alive by seeking marriage counseling, your effort may be for naught and you may need to consider speaking with a divorce lawyer. Before jumping into the divorce bed, by consulting with a divorce attorney, consider these three questions:

Are Negative Interactions Outweighing the Positive?

Disagreements should not dominate your entire relationship. Nobody likes coming home from work at 5 pm and by 5:01, you are in a full blown argument about the fight that was had the night before. For a stable relationship, consider the “magic ratio” determined by Relationship Expert, John Gottman. Positive and negative interactions should be 5 to 1.

Are Your Core Beliefs Being Compromised During Arguments?

Even though opposites attract, it doesn’t mean you have to give up your beliefs to make your significant other happy. Before getting married, you may have thought that your significant other would cave on a political or religious issue. But, by this time, if you guys are still arguing about the same thing, you could be doomed. If you aren’t willing to give up on one of your beliefs, how can you expect the other person in your relationship to do the same?

Are There Already Threats of Divorce?

You don’t have to be a divorce attorney to realize that if the parties are contemplating divorce, the actual divorce isn’t far away. Threatening divorce is a common tactic used by individuals who want to turn the tides on a heated argument. But if your spouse is going so low as to threaten you with a divorce, you may question how strong your marriage is in the first place. Remember that time-honored code amongst hunters: “Never point a gun at a person, unless you have every intention of shooting him?” The same can be said about divorce.

Posted January 21, 2015
by: MFL Team

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