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Business Ownership and Divorce

The theory of what occurs in a divorce can be summed up briefly--a legal union is severed, thus separating two people’s lives from one another. However, in practice, divorce is never that simple.  There are a whole host of possible scenarios that can add to the complexity of a divorce. While there is a myriad … Continued

Dividing a Business After Divorce

Divorces are hard enough but when a business is at stake, they become a whole new world of complicated.   This article aims to provide you with a brief overview of the topic of businesses in a divorce. Type of Business Businesses can generally be classified as service-oriented, product-oriented, or some combination of the two. Product-Oriented … Continued

Essentials Of Dividing A Business In Divorce

Colorado Springs business owners face unique challenges in a divorce when it comes around to dividing a business. Not only will a court divide the business, but it may also award the spouse a monthly support payment, called maintenance. Even a well written prenuptial agreement may not be enough to protect the assets of your business. … Continued

How To Safeguard Your Business In A Divorce

With all of the time, energy and resources you have put into it, your business is probably the most valuable asset you own. What many people don’t realize, however, is that they jeopardize everything they have worked for when they don’t take the right steps to plan for a contingency like a divorce. In a … Continued

How Does Divorce Affect a Business?

Two of the most common binding contracts between people include marriage and business partnerships. If you are considering divorcing someone with whom you own a business, or are planning to divorce someone who owns their own business, your situation will present some unique challenges that are best left to an attorney to handle. Divorce When … Continued

Why the Ashley Madison Leak Won’t Affect Your Divorce

Beginning in 2000, our culture experienced phenomenal waves of technological innovation. The Internet has transformed the way we shop, exercise, look for doctors, keep in touch, and fall in love. From to Tinder, the Internet makes finding love seem as simple as filling out a survey. As our society is jettisoned into the wave … Continued