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Why the Ashley Madison Leak Won’t Affect Your Divorce

Beginning in 2000, our culture experienced phenomenal waves of technological innovation. The Internet has transformed the way we shop, exercise, look for doctors, keep in touch, and fall in love. From to Tinder, the Internet makes finding love seem as simple as filling out a survey.

As our society is jettisoned into the wave of the future, we find ourselves longing for nostalgia. From The Americans to Mad Men, we daydream of days gone by. The savvy entrepreneurs of the world use these daydreams to find ways to transform products of yesterday into innovative items of today.

What is Ashley Madison?

Ashley Madison is today’s online version of the “little black book”. The Dictionary officially references the little black book, a 1940s slang term, as a notebook where one keeps phone numbers and details of potential and actual lovers. Ashley Madison married a little black book with a dating website. The result is a site where users provide contact information and personal ads creating seemingly endless opportunities to commit adultery. Technology, however, is never foolproof. Much like the horror of losing one’s diary, Ashley Madison was hacked. According to multiple news sources, up to 37 million users’ private information was leaked.

Colorado Is a No-Fault Divorce State

Ashley Madison is exposing what many couples fear: that your spouse is cheating. Colorado, however, is a no-fault state. What does this mean in terms of divorce? Colorado courts will not consider a party’s fault in divorce proceedings. A cheating spouse does not automatically entitle you to the majority of the assets.

Instead, when dividing assets and debts courts use equitable distribution, a concept that seeks to provide a fair resolution for both parties. Thus, the best way to navigate divorce is with a skilled and competent attorney.

Divorces are often frightening, no matter who is more guilty. Divorce cannot be narrowed down to just black and white pieces of paper stating who gets what. There is a wealth of feelings involved. At Modern Family Law, we masterfully fight for your best interests, while providing the empathetic ear that you may need. Our lawyers skillfully navigate mediation and the courts to seek an equitable resolution. If you are in need of a family lawyer, contact us. With integrity and compassion, we will help you reinvent your future.

Posted August 19, 2015
by: MFL Team

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