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Do Grandparents Have Custody Rights According to Colorado Family Law?

Whether a child is a baby, or just about to turn a teenager, he or she is caught between a stressful and confusing situation when parents decide to divorce. While it is obvious to think about children in their time of need, people rarely think about their grandparents. Do they just end up sitting on the sidelines to watch the mess take place? They too are worried about how their relationship with their grandchild will end up because in many cases, they lose the bond they have formed with a grandchild over the years. When couples go through a divorce, grandparents are often denied requests for visitation rights.

Involvement of Grandparents in Divorce Cases

It is difficult for grandparents to leave their feelings out when their child and his or her spouse goes through a divorce. They may recognize that their own child was part of the equation; however, they may also put blame onto the spouse, becoming angry that they did not do more to intervene.

Grandparents need to realize that it is impossible for them to know all details concerning the relationship between a husband and wife and they must understand that enforcing their opinion on the matter at hand does not contribute to the divorce. It is not their role to figure out who was right, who was wrong, or who was to blame. When a child is going through a divorce, they should not become involved in their family disputes.

They can instead focus their attention on being there for their children, and grandchildren by showering them with love as they go through this tough time in their lives.

How Grandparents Can Seek Custody of Grandchildren

Grandparents can take the necessary steps to ensure they continue their relationship with their grandchildren, as they too have rights. Sometimes, it is possible to avoid court when taking the steps to make sure their rights are protected.

Grandparents who are worried about the alienation of a grandchild, or want to seek custody of a grandchild, can seek legal assistance from a Colorado family lawyer by contacting Modern Family Law. If you’re a grandparent or know someone who is in need of legal assistance, you can speak with an experienced family lawyer who will guide you through the necessary steps of safeguarding a long-lasting relationship with your grandchildren.

Posted December 30, 2014
by: MFL Team

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