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Where To File For Divorce In Denver, CO

Denver, Colorado, divorce proceedings can be a long and complex affair, even if you and your spouse agree on the terms. Even if you and your spouse agree on everything else, you will still have to file the correct paperwork and go through the proper courts to finalize your divorce. If you and your spouse cannot agree on issues such as property, child custody, or anything else related to your divorce, you should seek legal help. Whatever your circumstance, knowing where to file for divorce in Denver, CO is the first step in initiating your dissolution of marriage.

Where Do I File For
Divorce In Denver?

In Denver, once you have completed your petition for dissolution of marriage you must file it with the District Court’s Filing Department. The District Court’s Filing Department can be found in the City and County Building, Room 256. The address of the City and County Building is:

1437 Bannock St, Room 256, Denver, CO 80202 

How Much Are The Divorce
Filing Fees In Denver?

Whether you are filing for dissolution of marriage or for legal separation you will need to pay a filing fee.

In Denver, the filing fee for a Petition for Dissolution of Marriage (Divorce) and legal separation is $230. Additionally, it costs $116 to file the answer to the petition. Payment to have the dissolution of marriage personally served can cost between $50 and $70. You can review all of the court filing fees here.

Our Denver Divorce Lawyers Are
Ready To Listen

Our experienced divorce lawyers in Denver have the knowledge, resources, and dedication to prepare your case and protect your interests to find the best possible outcome.

Is There A Waiting Period Prior To My
Denver Divorce Being Finalized? 

In Denver, there is a mandatory 91-day period from the time of filing for dissolution of marriage where couples are required to work through their marital issues or attempt to reconcile prior to their petition for divorce being finalized. If all marital issues are agreed upon, 91 days is the shortest possible time frame for a divorce to be completed in Denver.

The experienced Denver divorce lawyers at Modern Family Law can help you navigate any questions regarding divorce in Denver.

Meet Our Team Of Experienced
Denver Divorce Lawyers

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Modern Family Law

Modern Family Law’s team of experienced Denver divorce lawyers takes a compassionate approach to the practice of family law. Using innovative technology to create an effective and efficient process for our clientele, our attorneys approach each case as a collective effort to find the best long-term solutions for each family. For more information please give us a call or fill out a short form online to sign up for a free consultation today!

By: MFL Team

Posted August 01, 2022

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