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Useful “Stay at home” Resources for Children

CoVID-19 has had a powerful and immediate impact on us all. Businesses and schools are closing for indefinite periods. Like many companies, at Modern Family Law we have implemented a work-from-home policy. Our team and their families now find themselves with a lot more time staying at home together. This presents challenges, even as this … Continued

Decision Making & Divorce

Divorce cases are multifaceted, and they may become even more complex if the divorcing couple has children.  Decision-making responsibility has to be divided up like everything.  This article may help you understand how decision making is decided by a court. What is Decision-making? Decision-making is a fundamental responsibility of parents.  We all do it.  Our … Continued

School Choice in a Divorce: Part 1

By its very nature, divorce can be hard. There are so many issues that can be implicated in a divorce--dividing property, spousal maintenance, child support--the list goes on. However, there can be some issues that you might not consider when thinking of divorce, especially when it comes to specific issues with children. Something that inevitably … Continued

Your First Day in Divorce Court

One of the most common themes we see repeated with our clients is an overall fear or anxiety surrounding divorce, specifically with the court system and the judicial process. But fear not! Here at MFL, we are highly familiar with the courts, and we know that there is nothing to worry about. So to help … Continued

Proper Court Attire

Today is your court date and you have to get ready, but you’re unsure about how you ought to appear. Although proper court attire may seem like a simpler area when dealing with the judicial system, it is frequently an issue that is raised by clients. So if you’ve contemplated how you ought to appear … Continued

Signing Over Parental Rights of Children

The decision of a parent to permanently relinquish their parental rights to another person is never easily made. But for some individuals, they are confronted with making this difficult choice. Consequences of Signing Over Rights It would be an understatement to say that it’s extremely important to give serious consideration to the relinquishment of parental … Continued

The Benefits of a Divorce Settlement

Although a divorce settlement may not always be possible in your case, there are several benefits to consider before taking your case in front of a Judge. Peace of Mind Perhaps the most important advantage to settlement is a peace of mind.  If you are able to settle your divorce without litigation, you will know … Continued

5 Common Mistakes Made at the Beginning of a Divorce

The following are some of the most serious mistakes couples make before pursuing a divorce, but by no means does this article cover all common offenses. Still, by recognizing these easily avoidable divorce mistakes, you’ll make your life much easier if you decide to separate. Mistake #1: Making Decisions Without the Court When a divorce … Continued

Grandparents Rights in Colorado

Good times or bad, grandparents stand ready to lend a helping hand to their grandchildren. And when tragedy strikes, grandparents frequently assume the role of parent and tackle all of the responsibilities associated with raising a child. The importance of grandparents is unmistakable. They often provide financial, educational, and emotional stability for many children. But … Continued

Father’s Rights Attorneys

Some legal practitioners promote themselves as father’s rights attorneys, by providing services to men pursuing a divorce or need representation with child custody. But do these law firms really provide extra value or are they simply trying to capitalize on a specific niche? Family law represents the practice area that covers issues related to both … Continued

How Family Courts Protect a Child’s “Best Interests”

Divorce results in a big change in the family dynamic. While every member of the family is certainly impacted by these changes, kids often take the most time to adjust to the transition. Knowing this, Colorado family courts base their decisions involving children on what will be in their “best interests.” But what does this … Continued

How To Talk To Your Child About Divorce

Children at different developmental and maturity levels will have a different understanding of divorce and how it will change their family life. When talking to your child about divorce, it is important that you tailor your discussion appropriately so that they understand enough about the situation, but not more than what is necessary. While this … Continued

Why I’d Prefer My Clients Settle Out of Court

As a family law attorney, it’s my job to help people start over from some of the toughest times in their lives. It also means that I do so use the legal system. I’m a big fan of our legal system, it’s not perfect, but it does a pretty good job of resolving disputes between two … Continued

Do I Really Need an Attorney for My Divorce?

Full and fair disclosure: I am an attorney. Specifically, I am a family law attorney, which means I make my living by helping people start over through the divorce process. So, of course, you might be a little skeptical when my answer to the title question of this blog is “of course”. But it goes … Continued

10 Signs Your Child Needs Summer Tutoring

We see signs of burnout in just about every child as summer break approaches. Parents are excited to get a break from the daily (and sometimes stressful) routine of school and homework. Kids are eager to get to sleep in, play more, and have less structure to their day. However... In the happy first days … Continued

Summer Food Service Program for Colorado Children

In Colorado, summer is a magical time of year for kids. School is out. The weather warms up. Swimming pools open. The sun sets somewhere around 9 pm. It’s a magnificent time of year. It isn’t as magical for all children. Some kids rely on school breakfasts and lunches to get through the day. When … Continued

Divorcing an Absent or Uncooperative Spouse

In divorce proceedings, parties are sometimes not able to locate their spouse. They may have separated years ago and no longer know where the other party resides or, for whatever reason, one party has disappeared. A person in this situation may believe that there is nothing they can do and that they are unable to … Continued