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Alcohol or Drugs and Time with Your Kids

Substance abuse is a common factor of conflict for parents in a divorce. Divorce parties may turn to alcohol and drug use during the divorce process to handle stressful and sadness. With these cases, addictions can result in the separating parties choosing between family or addiction. In any circumstance, families and legal counsel will want … Continued

Paternity vs APR

When two individuals have a child or children together, it can be great. However, occasionally for one reason or another, couples may decide to end their relationship. Ordinarily, this might be difficult on its own merits, but when children are involved, it can add a whole new universe of issues that have to be handled. … Continued


Family law cases can be extremely diverse from one another, and no two cases are quite the same. Some cases may possess more traditional or common characteristics, while others may be substantially nuanced and unique. For cases involving children, many involve some sort of assertion of parental responsibilities. However for some cases, there may be … Continued

Marijuana Use in Custody Battles

In many ways, Colorado is a testing ground for the expansion of marijuana use and many other states are watching closely to see how legalization affects cases like driving under the influence, underage drug use, robbery and violent crimes, and child custody fights. Both sides of the recreational use battle have their opinions and come armed … Continued