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Is Your Relationship Really A Common Law Marriage?

In recent years it has become customary for couples to cohabit together, share joint bills, and raise families together without the commitment of marriage. So how does the court determine if you are common law married and whether you need a divorce? The Colorado Supreme Court recently updated requirements for common law marriage. In January … Continued

3 Divorce Considerations During COVID-19

There has been a lot of information that has been circulating relating to the impact of Coronavirus on child and spousal support and child custody and visitation, but what about its impact on other aspects of a divorce or legal separation? Here are some other things should you consider relating to your divorce or legal … Continued

5 Things NOT to Post During a Divorce

Divorce is easy - said no one, ever. Going through a divorce is one of life's most stressful experiences both emotionally and financially. In today's world, we often turn to social media as an outlet to voice our opinions, seek solace with friends, or simply to keep up with the Kardashians... I mean news. As … Continued

Goodbye Dependency Exemptions

Changes Some provisions of Trump's tax plan do not take effect until 2019 (i.e. switching the tax burden from the maintenance recipient to the payer). Some tax changes apply immediately, however. As of 2018, exemptions for dependents no longer exist.  Both the Standard Deduction and the Child Tax Credit, though, increased.  This article will discuss … Continued

Colorado Support Groups to Help You Through Divorce

Divorce is a challenging time in a person’s life. Anyone who has been through a divorce can offer many reasons as to why divorce is painful and hard, especially if there are children involved. Your world is turned upside down, and it can be hard to return to reality and feel normal again. The problems … Continued

Modification of Child Support: Changes in Income

Child support may be modified whenever there is a substantial and continuing change of circumstances that would result in at least a 10% change in the support obligation. What constitutes a “substantial and continuing change of circumstances” can be many different things, including a change in either party’s income. However, not every change in income … Continued

CFI vs PRE: Which Child Custody Expert Right For You?

If you find yourself in the middle of a hotly contested child custody matter, you may be wondering if a custody expert is right for your case. High-conflict cases often require CFIs or PREs.   These experts can perform specialized investigations which attorneys, parties, and even judges cannot do themselves.  However, there are several different … Continued

When To File For Divorce

A question that constantly seems to come up with potential clients is, “What's the best time to file a divorce?” Unfortunately for this question, the answer largely depends on the person’s circumstances or the nature of the relief requested. Because there is no single answer that will describe the “best” time to file, this article … Continued

Understanding Prenuptial Agreements

So just about everyone at one point in their lives has heard a saying somewhere along the lines of, “You might want to get yourself a prenup.” Beyond that, everyone probably has some ability to guess the purpose of a “prenup.” While everyone may have some notion, the actual contours of antenuptial, premarital, or prenuptial … Continued

Proper Court Attire

Today is your court date and you have to get ready, but you’re unsure about how you ought to appear. Although proper court attire may seem like a simpler area when dealing with the judicial system, it is frequently an issue that is raised by clients. So if you’ve contemplated how you ought to appear … Continued

Online Divorces

Online divorces or DIY divorces are becoming more commonplace for couples seeking a low-cost way to separate. Companies like and offer what appears to be a seamless online divorce process for a fraction of what reputable law firms would charge. And many residents are flocking to these sites for their divorce needs without … Continued

5 Ways to Save Money in a Divorce

Divorce can be expensive, but the following are a few simple tips that will help you to minimize your legal fees.  For most people, an important objective is to save money in a divorce. 1. Pick Your Battles While each person’s situation is unique, divorces often include one common theme: conflict. Conflict is natural in … Continued

Default Judgment Divorce Option

When a spouse is uncooperative and refuses to participate in the divorce process, a legal tool called a default judgment divorce may help end a marriage. Sometimes a spouse is unwilling to participate in the divorce process. Fortunately, Colorado doesn’t require the approval of both spouses to obtain a divorce. Our state enjoys the benefit … Continued

5 Tips for Co-Parenting During the Holidays

The holidays are supposed to be the most beautiful time of the year. However, families going through a divorce, the holidays can be significantly stressful. Coordinating schedules for visitations and parenting time can be overwhelming. This is especially true if this is the first holiday for a family after a split. While the transition may … Continued

Can My Spouse Prevent Divorce by Ignoring It?

There are many times when one spouse wishes to get a divorce and the other does not. Whether they are in denial or unaware that a divorce is imminent, they cannot prevent divorce simply by ignoring it. While no one can stop a person from obtaining a divorce if they want it, the spouse who … Continued

6 Questions to Ask Before You Get Divorced

According to statistics, roughly half of marriages end in divorce. If you’re married, this statistic has probably crossed your mind. If you’re considering a divorce, take a step back and think about the following factors before finalizing your decision. Like marriage, divorce will change every facet of your life – for better or for worse … Continued

Do I Really Need an Attorney for My Divorce?

Full and fair disclosure: I am an attorney. Specifically, I am a family law attorney, which means I make my living by helping people start over through the divorce process. So, of course, you might be a little skeptical when my answer to the title question of this blog is “of course”. But it goes … Continued

How to Cope with Divorce

For most people, the emotional aftermath of a divorce is foreign territory. Even amicable divorces lead to sadness, loneliness, and guilt. Terminating your marriage may be one of the biggest challenges of your life, but remember this: you are not alone. Like any trial, learning how to cope with divorce can be done, especially with … Continued