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Stuck with My Spouse during Coronavirus

If one stops to think a bit about it, relationships of all sorts are going through new stresses given the Coronavirus outbreak. Even the relationships that are doing well and thriving in such a time have experienced changes that aren't necessarily helpful. It's not what life throws our way, but rather how we respond that … Continued

What Does Parental Alienation Look Like?

Parental alienation occurs when a parent poisons the relationship between the other parent and his or her children. Its effects are highly destructive on the children and the parents. Experts warn that parental alienation if left unchecked, may have a lifelong impact on a child. Also, the child's relationship with both parents is negatively affected. … Continued

Key to Parenting Time: Cooperation

Splitting parenting time can be fertile ground for conflict  Parties get fixated on percentages and the number of overnights, instead of cooperation and what may work best for the kids. It’s best to focus discussions on child-centered schedules. If you walk into court describing your kids like a pie to be divided, you’ll lose credibility … Continued

Reducing Conflict in Separation

Divorce can be an unpleasant topic. When a couple decides to get married, the topic of separation is typically not at the top of their list to discuss. However, many of the contentious issues that arise can be minimized by taking the time to discuss the tough questions with your spouse prior to marriage. Similar … Continued

Grandparents Rights In Dependency and Neglect

In today’s world of modern families, it’s not unusual for grandparents to seek their own rights regarding their grandchildren. This is a well-established statutory ability for grandparents (or great-grandparents). With this ability, grandparents “seek a court order granting them reasonable grandchild or great-grandchild visitation rights.” However, the implementation of these rights can only be done … Continued

Divorce and Its Impact on Children

When a couple begins the process of a divorce, one of the main questions often asked by new clients falls within the category of divorce and its impact on children. Parents routinely come with questions about maintenance, child support, parenting time, or how to maintain financial instability; however, the main focus of clients is wanting what is … Continued

Family Law & Toxic Behavior

Family law cases can be draining both emotionally and financially. While there is always a certain level of difficulty expected with these cases, some cases take on a substantially worse character. For these cases, one party (or both) may begin exhibiting the following toxic behavior(s): irrationality; emotionally charged responses; unpredictability; unreasonableness; or any number of … Continued

Avoiding Conflict Through Frugality and Compromise

While family law cases have a tendency to get out of control sometimes, they most certainly don’t have to be. We certainly have seen our fair share of cases that seem to spiral out of control or continue to be a hotbed of calamity even long after the case is “finished.” However, we have also … Continued

How To Talk To Your Child About Divorce

Children at different developmental and maturity levels will have a different understanding of divorce and how it will change their family life. When talking to your child about divorce, it is important that you tailor your discussion appropriately so that they understand enough about the situation, but not more than what is necessary. While this … Continued

How Does Divorce Affect a Business?

Two of the most common binding contracts between people include marriage and business partnerships. If you are considering divorcing someone with whom you own a business, or are planning to divorce someone who owns their own business, your situation will present some unique challenges that are best left to an attorney to handle. Divorce When … Continued

Can Men Be Victims of Domestic Abuse?

Like women, men can also be victims of domestic abuse. It isn’t as easy to identify, for a number of reasons, but it can be a serious threat. If you are being abused, or if you know someone who is being abused, there are ways to identify the signs. There are also helpful resources should … Continued

6 Ways Your Abusive Relationship Is Hurting Your Child

Most healthy, responsible parents don’t set out to hurt their child, either physically or emotionally. Our job is to protect, nurture, and unconditionally love them. We work hard to show them that we love them. It's important to hug, talk, laugh, play, and guide them through their lives. We even shelter them from behavior that … Continued

Divorcing an Absent or Uncooperative Spouse

In divorce proceedings, parties are sometimes not able to locate their spouse. They may have separated years ago and no longer know where the other party resides or, for whatever reason, one party has disappeared. A person in this situation may believe that there is nothing they can do and that they are unable to … Continued

Facebook, Marriage, and Divorce

A little while back I wrote about Facebook and Relationships. Continuing that trend, let’s talk a little bit about Facebook, marriage, and of course, divorce. One of the realities of being a family law attorney is that I interact quite a bit with people whose marriages aren’t in great shape. These relationships often have similar … Continued