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Splitting Personal Property in Divorce

One of the most common questions that run through someone’s mind when thinking about divorce and splitting personal property, “What’s going to happen with my stuff?” The process of divorce can be complicated. The Court is tasked with taking two people’s lives that have been inextricably intertwined, figuring out some information about the individuals, and disentangling their relationship. As people accumulate items during their marriage, personal property is inevitably something that must be divided.

Biggest Areas of Contention

While each case is unique, there are some types of property that frequently become hotly contested. See which of these categories might apply to your divorce. 


Some states recognize the importance of animals in people’s lives and treat pets much like children – there may be visitation schedules, decision making responsibilities, etc. Unfortunately, in Colorado, our furry friends are only recognized as property. Because of this, your pets are subject to allocation in your divorce. And no, the Court isn’t going to divide your pet in half, but at the end of the day, one of you will be walking away with Fido.


Another hotbed of contention is reserved for those items of special emotional significance. Maybe it’s a photo album, a piece of furniture with some significance, or some other random remembrance. Whatever the item may be (save for maybe a few exceptions), these special objects will be subject to division.

Big Ticket Items

The most obvious thing that probably comes to mind are those more expensive possessions. Maybe it’s your car, your big screen t.v., the china, or a particularly nice furniture set. All of it must be divided and these valuables will be split as well.  

How to Avoid Issues

The best piece of guidance we can give is that you should consider which battles you want to fight. If you love your dog more than anything in the world, be prepared to give generously on some other items. If you absolutely must have that new furniture set, consider giving your spouse some concessions on some of the items they desire. Having the ability to know when to fight will serve you well. For if you don’t, you might end up fighting over everything and end up as one of those couples who fight over dish towels (no joking).

Considering Divorce?

Splitting personal property can frequently be a very difficult subject in a divorce. Creating a list of how valuable possession is to you and having a game plan can be crucial. Getting the assistance and advice of an attorney can serve you well when it comes down to dividing your personal effects. If you believe that you need the assistance of an attorney, think about your options. Modern Family Law proudly offers free consultations with our team of skilled attorneys. We offer full legal services for all your divorce and family law needs. So do yourself a favor, and speak with one of our family law attorneys today.

Posted January 03, 2017
by: MFL Team

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