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Questions To Ask A Texas Divorce Lawyer

Looking for a divorce attorney is not as easy as it sounds. It can add to the stress of going through a divorce process. You know you want a good attorney that can help you get through the divorce process as painless as possible, but you are not sure how to determine what attorney is best for you. There are several considerations to keep in mind when trying to decide which attorney is best for you. Here are a few questions you can ask a potential attorney to help you understand what an attorney can do for you under these stressful circumstances.

1. What Does Your Firm’s Payment Structure Look Like?

Some firms may work on a contingency basis, and other firms ask for a deposit upfront. It’s good to know what the payment structure is to be able to plan and budget for payments in a timely matter.  You can learn about our fees & costs, get an estimate of your case using our calculators, or discover our industry-first Simplestart™ reduced retainer program.

2. Can Your Firm Represent Both Parties?

In some cases, the parties have an amicable divorce and are looking for an attorney to represent them both, find out if the attorney you’re talking to does that- most attorneys will only represent one party, and speaking to the other party is an immediate conflict of interest. It’s good to know who the attorney is working for and how it will help you. Learn about initial consultations with divorce lawyers to ensure that you get the most out of your time.

3. What Is Your Approach To Handling A Divorce Case Like Mine?

Each attorney has their own method of handling a case, some may be more aggressive and some may be more compassionate. Keep in mind that the more arguing and the more back in forth in a case, the more expensive and the longer it will take to reach a final order.

4. Will There Be Additional Charges Besides Attorney Rates?

Be prepared for any additional charges you may have to pay for your divorce case, you’d be surprised to find out that some outside services may require additional fees not included in the retainment of an attorney. For example, some cases require a private investigator or another professional service that is not provided by the firm. It is always a good idea to get educated on any additional costs you may have to incur before your case starts.

5. Do You Specialize In Family Law Or Do You Practice Other Areas Of Law As Well?

Some lawyers specialize in only family law such as divorces and conservatorship, others may also practice probate and criminal law. Each law firm is different and may or may not handle certain types of cases. If a lawyer specializes in family law, they have a lot of experience with different types of divorce cases and family matters but they may not be able to handle a probate matter or a criminal matter not relating to the family.

As indicated, searching for a divorce attorney can seem stressful and scary but with the right planning and the right tools, you will be prepared for a new consultation with a potential attorney. Knowing what to ask is a great start to beginning your search for a compassionate attorney who will help you with your case every step of the way. Now that you’re ready, set a complimentary consultation with a divorce attorney at Modern Family Law by calling us or submitting a form.

initial family lawyer consultation checklist
initial family lawyer consultation checklist

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Modern Family Law’s team of experienced Texas divorce lawyers takes a compassionate approach to the practice of family law. Using innovative technology to create an effective and efficient process for our clientele, our attorneys approach each case as a collective effort to find the best long-term solutions for each family. For more information please give us a call or fill out a short form online to sign up for a free consultation today! Learn about our divorce lawyers in Austin and our divorce lawyers in San Antonio Let us make a positive difference in your life.



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By: Lisa Acevedo

Posted August 31, 2023

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