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JDF 1111 – Completing The Sworn Financial Statement

During the Colorado divorce process, the JDF 1111 – Sworn Financial Statement is a required form to be completed by both parties on their own. This form is important to the court as they use it when determining spousal and child support. This article provides insight into this form as well as a link to download it.

What Is The JDF-1111?

The JDF 1111 Sworn Financial Statement is a six-page detailed legal document used to outline your complete financial situation. This includes information about your monthly income, your monthly recurring expenses, and your current assets and debts.

Each party must complete and file the JDF 1111 on their own and have it notarized and exchanged with the other party. The financial statement must be filed within 40 days of service to the Respondent or within 40 days from when you filed jointly.

Who Determines How Assets Are Divided
In A Colorado Divorce?

While the word ‘equitable’ often gets misunderstood as ‘equal’, in the realm of Colorado divorce, the two aren’t synonymous. While it’s a common notion to view property division as a clear-cut 50/50 split, fairness is a complex equation.

The court, ideally, prefers that you and your spouse negotiate and arrive at a mutually acceptable settlement. The rationale behind this is simple: both of you have an intimate understanding of your collective and individual financial situations.

However, if the going gets tough, the court isn’t a passive spectator. If negotiations stall or if an agreement seems disproportionately tilted, the court can and will intervene, ensuring that the division is just and equitable for both parties.

Learn more about how assets are divided.

Handling Incomplete Financial Disclosures

During the divorce proceedings, if you observe that your spouse’s financial disclosure forms seem incomplete or have glaring gaps, it might not necessarily be a deliberate attempt to hide assets. Sometimes, laziness or oversight can result in such omissions, manifesting as blank sections or ones labeled as “unknown.”

Addressing Incompleteness

1. Direct Communication: Before escalating matters, it’s always advisable to communicate your concerns directly. Request your spouse to furnish the missing details to ensure transparency and fairness.

2. Judicial Intervention: If direct communication doesn’t yield results or if you suspect deliberate deceit, you can petition the family court judge to intervene. The judge can issue a subpoena, demanding the missing financial information.

Repercussions of Incompleteness

Submitting an incomplete financial statement isn’t just a clerical error—it can cast shadows on the party’s credibility. If a judge discerns deliberate omission or falsification, it significantly tarnishes the integrity of the party in question. Such a finding can result in the judge viewing all their statements with heightened skepticism.

Consequences For Lying On Financial Disclosures

Trust is a cornerstone of the legal system. However, there might be instances where you discover, post the final agreement, that your spouse wasn’t completely truthful in their financial disclosure. Such revelations can be distressing, especially when they impact asset distribution or other financial commitments.

Addressing Deceit

1.Gathering Evidence: If you suspect that assets were deliberately left off the disclosure forms, your immediate priority should be to amass evidence supporting this claim. Documentation, transaction records, or written communications can be invaluable in proving the deceit.

2. Legal Recourse: Armed with evidence, you can approach the court to seek a revision of your settlement. Demonstrating intentional fraud can lead the court to invalidate the prior agreement.

Repercussions of Deceit

Lying on disclosure forms can lead to significant legal consequences:

1. Asset Re-allocation: If the court establishes deceit regarding asset disclosure, it might award the concealed assets to the aggrieved party as a corrective measure.

2. Fines & Legal Costs: The erring spouse may be penalized monetarily, which can include paying fines or compensating for the aggrieved party’s legal expenses.

3. Incarceration: In cases where the fraud is extensive or particularly egregious, the erring spouse might face jail time.

Guidance Through The Process

The intricacies of the JDF 1111 can sometimes feel overwhelming. However, remember that accuracy and completeness are paramount. Whether it’s differentiating between bi-monthly and bi-weekly incomes or designating separate property, the nuances matter. Even seemingly minor errors can have significant repercussions on financial settlements.

It’s not just about numbers; it’s about credibility. Any discrepancy or omission, intentional or not, can erode your standing in the court’s eyes. Therefore, it’s vital to approach the Sworn Financial Statement with diligence and clarity.

If you’re unsure, seek help. Your attorney is not just a legal representative but also a guide through the complexities of the process. Their expertise can ensure that your financial statement is an accurate reflection of your situation, shielding you from potential pitfalls and enhancing your credibility.

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By: MFL Team

Posted October 10, 2023

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