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Legal matters, generally, arise from some sort of conflict between two or more individuals. As a result of this conflict, some sort of legal action may be initiated. For many legal actions, the expectation is that the case will eventually proceed to some sort of judicial proceeding. However, there is another possible outcome for these … Continued

Avoiding Conflict Through Frugality and Compromise

While family law cases have a tendency to get out of control sometimes, they most certainly don’t have to be. We certainly have seen our fair share of cases that seem to spiral out of control or continue to be a hotbed of calamity even long after the case is “finished.” However, we have also … Continued

Saving Money in Your Family Law Case

Just about everyone who comes into our firm has questions about the legal process--how long the process takes, how the process works, or what the outcome is likely to be. However, one of the questions that clients should be asking is, “What can I do to save costs?” At the end of the day, whether … Continued

Mediation Can Save You Money

Costs of a family law case can quickly add up, particularly if you are unwilling to work toward a resolution with the Opposing Side. One way to help keep your case affordable is to use mediation to its fullest potential. In Colorado, parties are required to participate in mediation for any contested issue in family … Continued

Colorado Mediation Tips

Mediation is a procedure through which you and the opposing party will be required to attempt to negotiate a settlement.  This may include the involvement of an independent third party. As you may imagine, mediation is an integral part of any domestic relations case. Although you may recognize the importance of mediation, you may have … Continued

The Wonderful World of Alternative Dispute Resolution

When most people think of lawsuits, they think of courtrooms, judges, and fancy courthouses. To some extent, this may be accurate.  But this isn't always the case.   Alternatives to made for TV courtroom drama are available in willing parties.  These alternatives include alternative dispute resolution, or “ADR” for short. This article is aimed at … Continued

The Question You Should Ask Before Every Family Law Dispute

Family law disputes are some of the most emotionally charged legal cases out there. Not only are you dealing with your life savings, investments, and children’s futures, you are also fighting with someone who you at one point loved very much. All of the passion that comes with an intimate relationship can easily be converted … Continued