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Top Five Things Not To Do During The Holidays If You Are Recently Divorced

The holidays can prove to be an especially stressful time of year. Individuals who have recently gone through a divorce may feel this stress more than others. It is important not to let the heightened emotions felt during this time of year lead to decisions one might regret. Below are five tips on what not … Continued

Child Custody Questions during Coronavirus

The Coronavirus pandemic has many families confused as to how to navigate issues relating to child custody. We receive many calls from parents with questions relating to the impact of the Coronavirus and California’s shelter-in-place order (“SIP”) on existing child custody and visitation orders. We try to address the most common questions here. CALL NOW: … Continued

Co-Parenting Concerns during Coronavirus

Since early March of 2020, our offices have received numerous calls from concerned parents on how to co-parent during Covid19. Many parents are naturally afraid to exchange their children during this pandemic, fearing their child may contract Covid19, while in the other parent’s care. I have even received calls asking me if parenting orders are … Continued

3 Tips for Co-Parenting During COVID-19

Under normal circumstances, co-parenting can be challenging enough. Trying to manage and maintain a healthy parenting plan under a pandemic is unchartered territory for all us. Attorney’s here at Modern Family Law are working through very different questions and concerns from parents when it comes to COVID-19 (coronavirus). While everyone’s family situation is different, we’ve … Continued

My Ex Is Taking The Kids Out During COVID-19

Even under the best of situations, parents do not always see eye to eye on decisions about their children. Disagreement often worsens after a break up when parents go their separate ways and possibly find new partners. What if the difference of opinion rises to the level of a safety issue? What if my ex … Continued

Alcohol or Drugs and Time with Your Kids

Substance abuse is a common factor of conflict for parents in a divorce. Divorce parties may turn to alcohol and drug use during the divorce process to handle stressful and sadness. With these cases, addictions can result in the separating parties choosing between family or addiction. In any circumstance, families and legal counsel will want … Continued

Understanding Child Custody In California

The word “custody” is what most people think of when they talk about time with their kids after a divorce. Most family law professionals, including lawyers and judges, stay away from this term. Instead, “parenting time” and “decision-making” are commonly used in its place. The phrase, "custody" implies ownership or control of something, so "custody" … Continued

Grandparents Rights In Dependency and Neglect

In today’s world of modern families, it’s not unusual for grandparents to seek their own rights regarding their grandchildren. This is a well-established statutory ability for grandparents (or great-grandparents). With this ability, grandparents “seek a court order granting them reasonable grandchild or great-grandchild visitation rights.” However, the implementation of these rights can only be done … Continued

Do Transgender Parents Have Rights?

When a Colorado court is tasked with making a custody order for a minor child, the court's outcome is based on the best interest of the child.  While courts should not take transgender status into consideration regarding the best interests of a child, it would be naïve to think it never happens. Here are some … Continued

Creating Your Colorado Summer Parenting Plan

When it comes to summer break, kids immediately get excited about the activities, vacations, time with friends, less early mornings, and more fun. However, for kids entering their first summer with separated parents, these sunshine-filled months can be more stressful than exciting. “Things like summer break are important to kids in ways that parents don’t … Continued

Types of Supervised Parenting Time

Family law cases are difficult, exponentially when there are kids involved. The especially difficult cases involve some form of concerning parental behavior. In these instances, it may be appropriate to seek supervision of a parent’s time with their children. Supervised parenting time may be ordered for any number of reasons. Furthermore, supervised parenting time may … Continued

Supervised Parenting Time

Family law cases are trying on everyone involved and they can certainly bring out some of the worst in people. In those cases where children are involved, however, some rather negative behaviors may have been present long before the family law case was ever initiated. This brings us to our topic of today -- supervised … Continued

Parental Responsibilities: Restrictions

Disputes regarding parental responsibilities are some of the most common cases that come through domestic relations courts. Most parents want to have involvement with their children, and most parents do what they can to expand their parental responsibilities. However, there are occasionally cases with other characteristics--whether there are instances of abuse, molestation, inappropriate behavior, drug … Continued

CFI vs PRE: Which Child Custody Expert Is Right For You?

If you find yourself in the middle of a hotly contested child custody matter, you may be wondering if a custody expert is right for your case. High-conflict cases often require CFIs or PREs.   These experts can perform specialized investigations which attorneys, parties, and even judges cannot do themselves.  However, there are several different … Continued

Best Interest Of The Child

When Colorado courts are tasked with making an initial determination of parenting time (formerly known as “physical custody”), the standard they must apply is “best interests of the child.”  But what is "best interests?"  CALL NOW: (866) 695-0314SCHEDULE YOUR FREE CONSULTATION  There are several best interest factors that the Court will take into consideration and … Continued

How Family Courts Protect a Child’s “Best Interests”

Divorce results in a big change in the family dynamic. While every member of the family is certainly impacted by these changes, kids often take the most time to adjust to the transition. Knowing this, Colorado family courts base their decisions involving children on what will be in their “best interests.” But what does this … Continued

Opinion: A New Senate Bill Would Harm Colorado’s Children

There is currently pending before the Colorado State Senate a bill that purports to “preserve the parent-child relationship in domestic actions.” As is often the case in politics, the title of the bill is incredibly misleading. It would, in fact, have entirely the opposite effect of what it claims. The bill claims to “protect” the … Continued

Marijuana Use in Custody Battles

In many ways, Colorado is a testing ground for the expansion of marijuana use and many other states are watching closely to see how legalization affects cases like driving under the influence, underage drug use, robbery and violent crimes, and child custody fights. Both sides of the recreational use battle have their opinions and come armed … Continued