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Back to School After Covid

I know, it is now July, summer is halfway over, and check-in has already started at your child’s school, surely everyone is excited, right?

So, what are you expecting in 2021 with children going back to school after a whole year of remote learning from home? It was stressful enough to accommodate your child to their new home-schooling lifestyle, we worked hard to create their learning centers and keep the distractions at a minimum while they were in class. Now, we get our preschoolers and kindergarteners ready for in-school classes, which will be a completely new experience for them. We get our middle school sixth graders and high school freshman ready for their real first year in a different and bigger school. It can be a scary experience and thinking about the process can get a little stressful for parents.

Here are a couple of ideas to get ready for going back to school:

Teach Preschoolers About Germs

There are many ways to teach our little ones how to protect themselves from germs and stay clean. Sing along while washing hands, buy fun foamy soap for fun hand washing time, put a cute keychain cover on their hand sanitizer so they can show it off on their backpack. Practicing these things at home now will help remind them to continue washing their hands and keeping their distance while in school.

Start a Routine For Older Students

Set an alarm to wake up at the same time every morning and get ready for the day. Most kids are still so used to staying in their lounge clothes all day and are going to need some time to adjust to getting ready for school again. Set an alarm or remind your child to shower at the same time every day, limit their screen time (I don’t know about you, but my son has been playing for much longer than 1 hour a day- he may or may not have replaced his school schedule for a video game schedule). It will help them get used to a daily scheduled routine that is new for a new sixth grader or a new freshman.

Boys and Girls Club

 Help your child reintegrate with society and make new friends with this epic after-school club! The Boys and Girls Club is a great way for your child to engage in community fun. The club offers sports, education, arts, health, and wellness programs, along with many more. Find a club near you!

Budget-Friendly Child Shopping Day

Plan a day that you can end the summer by celebrating the beginning of the new school year. This helps them have a positive outlook on the new adventures and learning that is ahead of them. We know these times are stressful for any age as well as the parents that are dealing with a new year ahead of them as well. Use this time to have a great time with your child.

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Lisa Acevedo

Posted July 23, 2021

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