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Property Division

How Marital Debts are Distributed During Divorce

Joint debts can be a tough issue in a divorce. These debts may have terms longer than the duration of the marriage. These debts…

Property Division

Business Ownership and Divorce

The theory of what occurs in a divorce can be summed up briefly–a legal union is severed, thus separating two people’s lives from one…

Property Division

Dividing a Business After Divorce

Divorces are hard enough but when a business is at stake, they become a whole new world of complicated. This article aims to provide…

Spousal Maintenance (Alimony)

Essentials Of Dividing A Business In Divorce

Colorado Springs business owners face unique challenges in a divorce when it comes around to dividing a business. Not only will a court divide…

Property Division

Splitting Personal Property in Divorce

One of the most common questions that run through someone’s mind when thinking about divorce and splitting personal property, “What’s going to happen with…

Property Division

How Does Divorce Affect a Business?

Two of the most common binding contracts between people include marriage and business partnerships. If you are considering divorcing someone with whom you own…

Property Division

Avoiding Bankruptcy After Divorce

According to research, one in ten bankruptcy petitions involve bankruptcy. Divorce is a financial challenge, but it doesn’t have to lead to bankruptcy. With…


Common Reasons Couples Turn to Divorce

When a marriage is troubled, the last thing people want to do is worry about divorce. Just the thought of splitting up a marriage…


Keep an Indisputable Record of Maintenance and…

In the event that you become responsible for paying child support and/or spousal maintenance, it is essential that you keep a detailed record of…

Property Division

Bankruptcy and Divorce: A True Fresh Start

We’ve all heard the phrase “drowning in debt.” We’ve also heard the phrase “treading water.” If, when it comes to your debt, you are…

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