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Common Reasons Couples Turn to Divorce

When a marriage is troubled, the last thing people want to do is worry about divorce. Just the thought of splitting up a marriage may be too much for some to handle, however, it is important to take a break and evaluate whether or not you want to continue down a troubled road, or move on with the divorce. There are many important reasons why women turn to divorce and we have listed the most common. If you read on and notice that you are experiencing any of the reasons listed, you may want to think about the ending your marriage before it becomes worse.

Lack of Commitment

73% of couples surveyed in the National Fatherhood Initiative, said that commitment was the number one reason their marriage didn’t work. If you notice that your significant other does not seem interested in you anymore, or does not make an effort to spend time or make plans with you, he or she may be lacking commitment.

Consistent Arguing

If the time you spend arguing with your significant other is more than time spent relaxing, you may want to consider divorce. One reason why arguments continue is that your partner is not understanding, appreciating or validating your perspective. If you feel you are constantly being shot down and continue feeling unappreciated, it can wear down your relationship in an instant.


Cheating can not only play a significant role in your current relationship but can have a negative effect on your future relationships as well. Often times, flirting can begin as an “emotional affair,” but can heat up quickly and begin to become physical.

Too Young to Marry

Age is a factor in a marriage. The Center for Disease Control and Prevention states that nearly half of teen marriages fail within the first 15 years. People who marry early in their life may feel trapped a few years into the relationship and look for a way out. This can be infidelity or divorce.

Unrealistic Expectations

Marriage is a lot to handle for some and often times, people jump into proposing or saying “I do” to their loved ones. Conflicts go unforeseen until the marriage begins to heat up. Work must be done on both ends of the marriage to navigate these conflicts, or else it can end in divorce.

Don’t Feel Like an Equal

It is no secret that when an individual doesn’t feel like an equal in their relationship, they can leave feeling depressed and unwanted, which are two emotions that shouldn’t be experienced in marriage. Eventually, this inequality will lead to divorce. As soon as you feel that you are experiencing an unfair amount of responsibility, your relationship may be in danger.

Not Fully Prepared

It is common for people to jump into a marriage before they fully understand exactly what they are entering. Marital counseling can help couples ensure they are equipped to handle the responsibilities that come with marriage. Before deciding on calling it quits, you can try counseling.

The Abuse

29% of divorces are caused by spousal abuse. If you have already been abused, do not wait for the situation to become worse. Contact help and make sure you are safe before instigating divorce. Because divorce can be complex for victims of abuse, we recommend you also contact our Denver family law firm for the proper legal assistance.

Posted January 19, 2015
by: MFL Team

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