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Tips For Celebrating Fathers Day After Divorce

After going through a divorce or separation everyone involved experiences change in what was once their normal routine. Everything from living arrangements, to daily schedules, and the people you surround yourself with are different. One of the areas where recently divorced individuals feel these lifestyle differences most is during family-centered holidays.

There are lots of family events celebrated in the course of the year—birthdays, anniversaries, and so on. Father’s Day is one of them. It can be tough for recently separated and divorced fathers to confront this particular occasion, particularly if it’s the first time they’ve been separated from their children. On this day, children may be upset because they won’t be able to enjoy treasured Father’s Day rituals such as bringing Dad breakfast in bed, washing his car, or dining at his favorite restaurant with the whole family. Here are some tips to help you through Father’s Day after divorce.

Father's day after divorce

Plan Ahead Of Time

Creating a parenting plan is the most crucial thing a father can do to ensure that the day is enjoyable for himself and his children. Having a plan for the day will reduce uncertainty and stress for everyone. Having a parenting plan that describes what occurs on special days and holidays is critical to lowering everyone’s stress, particularly the co-parents and children.

Communicate With Your Ex

Depending on the nature of the split, communicating with your ex-spouse isn’t always easy. However, it is important for both of you to try to put your differences aside and work to make these holidays as normal as possible for your children. If it’s their mother’s turn to have the children this weekend, fathers should schedule a time to discuss how the day/weekend might work. Perhaps the mother would be happy to trade weekends; if that won’t work, perhaps some or all of the day on Sunday might be possible.

Prepare Your Children

It is important for parents to inform their children what the day’s routine will be. The father should also provide the kids with some guidance regarding what he thinks would make the best way to celebrate rather than leaving his children guessing. In some cases, the mother used to provide direction to the kids on how to best celebrate their Dad. Preparing the kids ahead of time can ensure the day remains fun for all and limits the chances of a confusing a stressful time during this new experience.

Start New Traditions

Even when a father cherishes previous Father’s Day rituals and memories, he may be able to create fresh ones for him and his children to look forward to now that their mom won’t be present. Fathers should think of things they will truly enjoy doing with their children. Whether it is a trip to an amusement park, seeing a new movie, going to the zoo, or a baseball game.  Starting a new Father’s day tradition can become a fun way to for everyone to get excited and have a fresh perspective on the holiday.

Find Support From Other Single Parents

Single fathers who have already been through the process can provide coaching and support to those just starting out. Fathers can seek out local support groups and events whether or not their children are with them. It is always comforting to be around those who have been through a similar experience before and can empathize and provide guidance on how to get through this difficult and transitional time in your life.


As the first Father’s Day after a divorce approaches, it’s important to acknowledge the range of emotions that may arise. Shifting your perspective, focusing on the positive aspects of fatherhood, and creating new traditions can help in navigating this transitional period. Open communication with your children and involving them in the planning process will foster a sense of togetherness and inclusion. Remember to lean on your support system, both personal and professional, as you embark on this new chapter of fatherhood. Cherish the opportunity for personal growth and celebrate the unique bond you share with your children. With time, healing, and love, Father’s Day can become a meaningful and joyous celebration once again.

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By: MFL Team

Posted June 13, 2023

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