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Managing Your Finances During COVID-19 Pandemic

COVID-19 is scary stuff, especially at a time when pretty much all of our news feels like scary stuff. With a statewide ban on dine-in service at restaurants and bars and the required closure of all non-essential public-facing businesses for an unknown period of time, it’s no wonder some people are in freak-out mode, especially … Continued

A General Overview of Child Support

Child support is a common issue in a divorce case with kids. Disputes over child support may significantly impact the co-parenting relationship and will affect the financial circumstances of the parents.  As attorneys, we hear child support horror stories which are misleading or outright incorrect. This misinformation can cause people who are already dealing with … Continued

Modification of Child Support: Changes in Income

Child support may be modified whenever there is a substantial and continuing change of circumstances that would result in at least a 10% change in the support obligation. What constitutes a “substantial and continuing change of circumstances” can be many different things, including a change in either party’s income. However, not every change in income … Continued

Saving Money in Your Family Law Case

Just about everyone who comes into our firm has questions about the legal process--how long the process takes, how the process works, or what the outcome is likely to be. However, one of the questions that clients should be asking is, “What can I do to save costs?” At the end of the day, whether … Continued

Finding the Right Family Law Firm

Finding a good law firm is just as important as choosing the right attorney.  As a person seeking legal services, it can be hard to distinguish between seemingly similar firms. This brings us to our article here--we’ve taken the time to review some of the most crucial determinations to consider when picking a law firm … Continued

Business Ownership and Divorce

The theory of what occurs in a divorce can be summed up briefly--a legal union is severed, thus separating two people’s lives from one another. However, in practice, divorce is never that simple.  There are a whole host of possible scenarios that can add to the complexity of a divorce. While there is a myriad … Continued

Understanding Divorce Law Firm Fees

When most people think of hiring an attorney, they usually have an idea in mind as to what they want. They usually think that they will be hiring someone who will be able to advocate for them. They probably imagine that they will have someone who will stand by them and help them win their … Continued

5 Ways to Save Money in a Divorce

Divorce can be expensive, but the following are a few simple tips that will help you to minimize your legal fees.  For most people, an important objective is to save money in a divorce. 1. Pick Your Battles While each person’s situation is unique, divorces often include one common theme: conflict. Conflict is natural in … Continued

How To Safeguard Your Business In A Divorce

With all of the time, energy and resources you have put into it, your business is probably the most valuable asset you own. What many people don’t realize, however, is that they jeopardize everything they have worked for when they don’t take the right steps to plan for a contingency like a divorce. In a … Continued

Is DIY Divorce A Good Idea?

Even when a split is amicable, divorce is hardly ever easy and should not be entered into lightly. With so many divorce-related issues to consider, like alimony, property division, child custody and support, and more, the process can easily become overwhelming for someone who isn’t familiar with Colorado divorce laws. Together with the financial and emotional … Continued

Divorce vs. Annulment vs. Legal Separation

Divorce, annulment, and legal separation: These are all words that in some way refer to the end of a marriage. However, they are not synonymous, and many people fail to understand the legal implications of each term. A Closer Look at Annulment and Divorce Like divorce, annulment essentially dissolves a marriage partnership. On the other … Continued

Requesting Attorney’s Fees and Costs in Domestic Relations Cases

In most domestic relations cases, either one or both parties request their attorney’s fees and costs are paid by the other party, and in these uncertain economic times, this trend is even more prevalent. In general terms though, there are only a few circumstances where a Court will warrant that an award of attorney’s fees … Continued