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Domestic Violence and Protective Orders in Texas

If you are seeking a protective order due to family violence, please call us. If you are the accused in a protective order, we can help you on the civil or family law side, but you may also need a criminal law attorney to defend against any criminal charges you may be facing. CALL NOW: … Continued

Domestic Violence During Shelter in Place

If your life is in danger, please call 9-1-1 or your local emergency number. Computer use can be monitored and is impossible to completely clear. If you’re afraid your computer usage is being monitored, call one of the hotlines below. Outlets for Help • NATIONAL DOMESTIC VIOLENCE HOTLINE operates 24-7 as a confidential hotline and … Continued

Protection Order Terminology

Family law, like many areas of law, can be confusing and intimidating. Unless you’ve had training in legal concepts, some of the terminologies that get thrown around can sound like gibberish. Beyond that, sometimes it can be difficult to understand what the terms of a court order may mean. To that end, protection orders can … Continued

Family Law & Toxic Behavior

Family law cases can be draining both emotionally and financially. While there is always a certain level of difficulty expected with these cases, some cases take on a substantially worse character. For these cases, one party (or both) may begin exhibiting the following toxic behavior(s): irrationality; emotionally charged responses; unpredictability; unreasonableness; or any number of … Continued

Third Party: Post-Decree Coordinators

There’s a trend seen in family law cases. Sometimes after a case is over and determinations finalize, people seem unable to move on. Even though the case finished, the parties continue to struggle. They continue to conflict with one another and sometimes rehash the same old fights. This trend is all the more common when … Continued

Domestic Violence in Family Law

Anyone who’s ever been in a relationship has probably experienced a bad relationship. While bad relationships are common, there are certain types of “bad relationships” that are distinct from the rest. These unhealthy and dangerous relationships involve domestic violence (DV).  This article, although intended to educate, is a brief overview of what happens to be … Continued

Substance Abuse in Family Law

No matter your circumstances, chances are you know someone who struggles with or someone who has struggled with, substance abuse issues. Now for that person, the substance abuse issues are severe enough. However, substance abuse issues can be all the more difficult in the realm of domestic relations cases, especially if there are kids involved. … Continued

Can Men Be Victims of Domestic Abuse?

Like women, men can also be victims of domestic abuse. It isn’t as easy to identify, for a number of reasons, but it can be a serious threat. If you are being abused, or if you know someone who is being abused, there are ways to identify the signs. There are also helpful resources should … Continued

Long-Term Effects of Domestic Violence

As Denver divorce attorneys, we have seen many legal situations that deal with domestic abuse. It is a fact that 1.3 million women are victims of domestic abuse in their lifetime, a statistic that needs attention. Most of these domestic violence cases are not reported to the police because usually, the person involved is embarrassed … Continued

6 Ways Your Abusive Relationship Is Hurting Your Child

Most healthy, responsible parents don’t set out to hurt their child, either physically or emotionally. Our job is to protect, nurture, and unconditionally love them. We work hard to show them that we love them. It's important to hug, talk, laugh, play, and guide them through their lives. We even shelter them from behavior that … Continued

Nobody Deserves to be Abused

“It was only that once.” I’ve heard that before. You’re fighting with your spouse, it gets heated, and he or she hit you. But it was only that one time. Just once. It happens. Not to everyone, so don’t delude yourself into thinking it’s normal. But it does happen. One time, though, is one too … Continued

Domestic Violence: Safety Planning When Filing for Divorce

I’m getting ready to leave and maybe even divorce my abuser… now what? The average domestic violence victim tries to leave seven times before she actually does. I say “she” because most reported cases are male on female. However, domestic violence occurs in all relationships with all sorts of partners: male, female, transsexual, heterosexual, and … Continued