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Celebrity Divorce

Stars Looking for a Fresh Start After Divorce in 2015

Seems like the new year is a time for many couples to evaluate their options and see about getting a fresh start. It’s been a rough month for celebrity couples. Since mid-December, Elon Musk (CEO of Tesla Motors), Chris Rock, Slash (of Guns ’N Roses), Jeremy Renner, Clint Eastwood, and Kris and Bruce Jenner have either filed for or finalized their divorces.

Celebrity Divorces Aren’t Simple

Divorce doesn’t get easier, or cheaper, just because you’re rich and famous. Elon Musk has offered a 16 million dollar settlement to his wife, and Clint Eastwood’s divorce settled without much conflict, but that may have been because of a prenuptial agreement. Kris and Bruce Jenner settled their divorce as well, with Kris agreeing to pay Bruce 2.5 million dollars. They also distributed their property, with each of them taking some fancy cars.

On the more contentious side of things, it looks like Chris Rock and his wife may be in for a custody battle, with Chris alleging that she is refusing to let him see their kids. Slash doesn’t have a prenuptial agreement with his wife, and under California law (which is similar to Colorado’s marital property laws) she’s likely to be entitled to half of everything he’s made since they married in 2001. Jeremy Renner’s wife is alleging that their prenup was based on fraud and should be tossed out. She’s asking for custody of their daughter, spousal support, and for Renner to pay for her rent and moving expenses.

An Experienced Divorce Attorney Can Help You Start Over

Whether you expect an amicable separation or to have to fight over everything, having the right attorney on your side is invaluable. A dedicated family law attorney in Denver brings expertise and professional judgment to your side as well as providing an emotional buffer between you and your spouse. This will help move your case forward in the most efficient way possible while still getting you the results you want.

Posted February 20, 2015
by: MFL Team

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