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Completing an Uncontested Divorce in California

An uncontested divorce is a lawsuit. And this lawsuit must be filed, even if the divorcing couple is not in conflict regarding parenting plans,…


A General Overview of Child Support

Child support is a common issue in a divorce case with kids. Disputes over child support may significantly impact the co-parenting relationship and will…

Early Assessment

Do Transgender Parents Have Rights?

When a Colorado court is tasked with making a custody order for a minor child, the court’s outcome is based on the best interest…

Military Divorce

Military Divorce Boot Camp

Family law affects all types of people from all walks of life. Therefore, it should come as no surprise that people in the military…

Military Divorce

Common Questions About Military Divorce

People frequently seek assistance when they have questions about a particular topic. When people have questions about legal issues, they tend to google, ask…


Protection Order Terminology

Family law, like many areas of law, can be confusing and intimidating. Unless you’ve had training in legal concepts, some of the terminologies that…

Protection Orders

Protection Orders: Temporary vs. Permanent

Family law cases can occasionally involve some rather unfortunate subject matter. Some people’s relationships may involve various forms of abuse or domestic violence. In…

Father’s Rights

Father's Rights

Family law cases vary greatly, and no two cases are quite the same. Despite the differences, there are occasionally themes that seem to emerge.…

Father’s Rights

Bias Against Fathers

The legal climate is subject to change. Some liken the changing notions of justice to the swinging of a pendulum. Whatever analogy seems appropriate…

Father’s Rights

Creating Your Colorado Summer Parenting Plan

When it comes to summer break, kids immediately get excited about the activities, vacations, time with friends, less early mornings, and more fun. However,…

Early Assessment

Paternity vs APR

When two individuals have a child or children together, it can be great. However, occasionally for one reason or another, couples may decide to…

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