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Evan Chavez’s Heartfelt Approach To Family Law In Fort Collins

In this insightful interview, we delve into the professional world of Evan Chavez, an associate attorney at Modern Family Law in Fort Collins. Evan shares her unique journey into the realm of family law, offering a behind-the-scenes look at her transition from aspiring prosecutor to a compassionate advocate for families in need. She discusses her hands-on experiences in CU Law’s Family Law Clinic, her reasons for joining Modern Family Law, and her specific interests in guardianship, dependency, and neglect cases.

Throughout the conversation, Evan highlights the critical qualities necessary for success in family law, emphasizes the unique challenges faced in the Fort Collins region, and offers valuable insights into the resources available for those navigating difficult family matters. This interview is not just a reflection of Evan’s professional path but also a testament to her dedication and the pivotal role of empathy and technology in modern legal practice. Join us as we explore the multifaceted and impactful world of family law through the experiences of a devoted attorney.

The Path To Compassion: Evan Chavez’s Journey Into Family Law

Kirill: I’m here today with Evan Chavez, our associate attorney in Fort Collins. Evan will discuss Modern Family Law, her role here, her career, and her interests. Evan, how did you enter family law, and what interests you most in this area?

Evan Chavez: Initially, when I went to law school, I thought I’d become a prosecutor. However, I had the opportunity to participate in CU Law’s Family Law Clinic. This program allows you to work as a student attorney with professors and manage your clients under supervision. I joined this clinic through a lottery; it wasn’t my first choice. Through this, I handled child custody, dependency, and neglect cases. This experience taught me the joy of working in this law area, especially interacting with clients. Developing close relationships and achieving beneficial outcomes for my clients was immensely satisfying. Family law offers a unique opportunity to work closely with clients, understand their life stories, and support them through significant challenges. This experience made me realize my passion for family law, where I could build strong client relationships and see positive outcomes.

The necessity of a good family law attorney became clear to me. Often, clients seek counsel during life’s challenging moments, which they never anticipated. Establishing trust and a productive working relationship in these sensitive situations is heartwarming and reaffirms my commitment to this practice.

Kirill: Very interesting. What led you to Modern Family Law specifically?

Evan Chavez: I researched extensively online to find the best family law firms in Colorado. Modern Family Law stood out due to its technological approach to case handling. We minimize paper use, streamline client information processes, and embrace technology. This approach is efficient and cost-effective for clients. The pandemic showed the feasibility of virtual operations, which we’ve adopted. The firm’s emphasis on compassion also drew me in. Unlike other firms that claim compassion, Modern Family Law integrates it into every aspect of our work. Our intake process, for instance, allows potential clients to speak directly with an attorney. This direct approach aids in client retention and immediate assistance. I enjoy guiding clients and potential clients, offering initial help, and directing them appropriately in family law matters.

Integrating Empathy Into Family Law

Kirill: Many people aren’t familiar with family law until they need it. You mentioned an interest in guardianship, dependency, and neglect cases. What specifically interests you in these cases?

Evan Chavez: In the family law clinic, I handled dependency and neglect cases, which introduced me to child welfare. These cases are crucial, as they involve children’s welfare and require navigation through a complex legal process. Advocating for clients and ensuring the best interests of their children is meaningful and important. This sector is often underserved, and working with individuals unfamiliar with the legal system is both an honor and a responsibility. Guardianships are similar; they involve legal protection for a loved one. Assisting clients in securing guardianships to safeguard their loved one’s financial, physical, and mental well-being is a significant aspect of my work.

KirillYour genuine compassion and dedication to helping people are evident. Aside from compassion, what qualities do you think are essential for success in family law?

Evan Chavez: Compassion is paramount, but understanding clients’ perspectives is also crucial. Family law clients often face difficult situations and are not familiar with the legal system. Empathy and understanding are key to building a strong attorney-client relationship, which is essential for achieving desired outcomes. Additionally, good listening skills are vital. Clients may not know what information is relevant, so attentively listening and extracting key details for legal strategy is crucial. Compassionate listening is a significant part of my role.

Unique Family Law Challenges in Fort Collins

Kirill: In your experience, are there specific family law issues more prevalent in Fort Collins compared to other areas?

Evan Chavez: In Northern Colorado, housing issues and instability frequently impact custody and other family law matters. The housing market’s state affects these cases significantly. Identifying and addressing housing-related challenges is a daily part of my practice, particularly in Colorado’s current market.

Kirill: What resources are available in Fort Collins for those facing challenging family matters?

Evan Chavez: Colorado, particularly Fort Collins, has a robust self-help center. The Colorado Court website offers instructions for various legal forms and filings. I often direct people here for guidance. Larimer County also offers walk-in assistance programs, a valuable resource for those needing legal direction.


As our conversation with Evan Chavez draws to a close, we are left with a profound understanding of the unique challenges and rewarding experiences that come with practicing family law in Fort Collins. Evan’s insights reveal not only the complexities of legal issues like housing instability but also the human element that is so vital in navigating these challenges. Her dedication to providing empathetic and effective legal counsel shines through, highlighting the importance of understanding and addressing the specific needs of the community.

Evan’s commitment to using technology and innovative approaches in her practice at Modern Family Law demonstrates a forward-thinking attitude that is crucial in today’s ever-evolving legal landscape. Moreover, her emphasis on the availability of local resources offers a beacon of hope for those facing difficult family situations.

This interview with Evan Chavez serves as a testament to the impact that compassionate, informed, and dedicated legal professionals can have on individuals and families during some of their most challenging moments. It is clear that for Evan, family law is not just a profession, but a calling – one that she answers with both skill and heart. We thank Evan for her invaluable insights and the profound work she continues to do in the field of family law.

 Modern Family Law

This interview with Evan Chavez not only sheds light on her journey and expertise but also underscores the core values that make Modern Family Law stand out as a premier legal firm. At the heart of their practice lies deep-seated compassion, an attribute that is seamlessly integrated into every aspect of their work. Their tech-forward approach, embracing the latest advancements to streamline processes and enhance client experiences, further sets them apart in the dynamic landscape of legal services.

Modern Family Law is more than just a firm; it’s a place where individuals facing life’s toughest challenges can find not only legal assistance but also a supportive environment that fosters a positive outlook for starting anew. The firm’s commitment to guiding clients through complex family matters with empathy, innovation, and a genuine desire to make a positive difference, as exemplified by Evan Chavez’s approach, truly encapsulates the ethos of Modern Family Law – a beacon of hope and a catalyst for new beginnings in the communities they serve.

By: Kirill Kniazev

Posted December 11, 2023

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