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My Ex Is Taking The Kids Out During COVID-19

Even under the best of situations, parents do not always see eye to eye on decisions about their children. Disagreement often worsens after a break up when parents go their separate ways and possibly find new partners. What if the difference of opinion rises to the level of a safety issue? What if my ex … Continued

Protecting Mothers Rights

In family law cases, mothers face the competing interests of the needs of their children and the involvement of the father. A court must evaluate the needs of children involved and the mother's rights. With strategy, mothers can obtain favorable results for themselves and their families. Protecting mothers rights is an essential part of any … Continued

What Does Parental Alienation Look Like?

Parental alienation occurs when a parent poisons the relationship between the other parent and his or her children. Its effects are highly destructive on the children and the parents. Experts warn that parental alienation if left unchecked, may have a lifelong impact on a child. Also, the child's relationship with both parents is negatively affected. … Continued

Creating Your Colorado Summer Parenting Plan

When it comes to summer break, kids immediately get excited about the activities, vacations, time with friends, less early mornings, and more fun. However, for kids entering their first summer with separated parents, these sunshine-filled months can be more stressful than exciting. “Things like summer break are important to kids in ways that parents don’t … Continued

Paternity vs APR

When two individuals have a child or children together, it can be great. However, occasionally for one reason or another, couples may decide to end their relationship. Ordinarily, this might be difficult on its own merits, but when children are involved, it can add a whole new universe of issues that have to be handled. … Continued


Family law cases can be extremely diverse from one another, and no two cases are quite the same. Some cases may possess more traditional or common characteristics, while others may be substantially nuanced and unique. For cases involving children, many involve some sort of assertion of parental responsibilities. However for some cases, there may be … Continued

Types of Supervised Parenting Time

Family law cases are difficult, exponentially when there are kids involved. The especially difficult cases involve some form of concerning parental behavior. In these instances, it may be appropriate to seek supervision of a parent’s time with their children. Supervised parenting time may be ordered for any number of reasons. Furthermore, supervised parenting time may … Continued

Parenting Schedule Considerations

When couples with children break up, it can be hard on everyone involved. For parents, it means the end of a relationship and a loss of all the things associated with having a partner.  For children, it means different living situations, swapping between two homes, and living under two separate settings. For everyone, the end … Continued

Religious Upbringing: The Law and Child Rearing

Many people have religion in their life and religion plays a big part in who they are. For many people with religion in their lives, a critical component of their faith is having the ability to raise their children within their religion. While religious upbringing is fine for whole families, it can become difficult when … Continued

Parental Responsibilities: Restrictions

Disputes regarding parental responsibilities are some of the most common cases that come through domestic relations courts. Most parents want to have involvement with their children, and most parents do what they can to expand their parental responsibilities. However, there are occasionally cases with other characteristics--whether there are instances of abuse, molestation, inappropriate behavior, drug … Continued

Child Custody: A Dying Phrase in Colorado

When you hear people talk about issues involving children, you are likely to hear the word custody being thrown around pretty frequently. However, in Colorado, the term “custody” has essentially become a thing of the past.  Instead, Colorado relies on the term “Allocation of Parental Responsibilities” when determining an appropriate “custody” arrangement for your child.  But … Continued

CFI vs PRE: Which Child Custody Expert Is Right For You?

If you find yourself in the middle of a hotly contested child custody matter, you may be wondering if a custody expert is right for your case. High-conflict cases often require CFIs or PREs.   These experts can perform specialized investigations which attorneys, parties, and even judges cannot do themselves.  However, there are several different … Continued

Best Interest Of The Child

When Colorado courts are tasked with making an initial determination of parenting time (formerly known as “physical custody”), the standard they must apply is “best interests of the child.”  But what is "best interests?"  CALL NOW: (866) 695-0314SCHEDULE YOUR FREE CONSULTATION  There are several best interest factors that the Court will take into consideration and … Continued

Parenting Time in Colorado

In an Allocation of Parental Responsibilities (“APR” for short) case or divorce with children, one of the biggest client concerns is spending time with their kids. The traditional term most used by people when thinking of this topic is custody. In Colorado, however, the courts no longer use this term as it carries some negative … Continued

Signing Over Parental Rights of Children

The decision of a parent to permanently relinquish their parental rights to another person is never easily made. But for some individuals, they are confronted with making this difficult choice. CALL NOW: (866) 695-0314SCHEDULE YOUR FREE CONSULTATION Consequences of Signing Over Rights It would be an understatement to say that it’s extremely important to give … Continued

Ultimate 50/50 Parenting Plan Guide

When couples with children decide to divorce, they’re often challenged by their new post-divorce relationship. And if the relationship ends contentiously, forming a workable parenting plan can prove difficult. For these parents, it’s easy to forget that the ultimate objective should be to provide kids with an easy transition to their new lives while allowing … Continued

Parenting Plan Considerations: Traveling With Your New Partner

You’ve been married and have since gone your separate ways. You have children with your former spouse and navigating the complexities of that situation have been tough. But now you’ve got a new significant other and the relationship is getting pretty serious. You’d like to take your kids and your new romantic partner on a … Continued

How Family Courts Protect a Child’s “Best Interests”

Divorce results in a big change in the family dynamic. While every member of the family is certainly impacted by these changes, kids often take the most time to adjust to the transition. Knowing this, Colorado family courts base their decisions involving children on what will be in their “best interests.” But what does this … Continued