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What You Need to Know About Protection Orders

Protection orders are one of those unfortunate, but all too frequent things that come up in domestic relations law. While this article is in no way intended to cover the entire subject and is not intended to constitute legal advice, we have provided a brief overview of some major considerations regarding protection orders.

Protection Order Terminology

There is quite a bit of legal terminology that goes with the territory of protection orders. Although the list is not exhaustive, here are a few key terms from the Colorado Judicial Branch that are helpful to know:

  • Protection Order: This term is often confused with “protective order”. A protection order restrains a party from engaging in a certain behavior and/or interacting with certain people. On the other hand, a “protective order” prevents the disclosure of certain information under certain circumstances.
  • Protected Person/Party: The person, persons, or business entity who was granted a protection order”
  • Restrained Person/Party: The person who is to remain away from making contact with another person(s) or business entity.”
  • Domestic Abuse: An act, attempted act, or threatened act of violence, stalking, harassment, or coercion that is committed by any person against another person to whom the actor is currently or was formerly related, or with whom the actor is living or has lived in the same domicile, or with whom the actor is involved or has been involved in an intimate relationship.”

How Can I Obtain a Protection Order?

Obtaining a temporary civil protection order is a fairly simple procedure. Once you have completed the necessary forms and filed them with the appropriate Court, there will be a hearing before the Court. One of the benefits of this hearing is that it will be conducted ex parte, or not in the presence of the person against whom you are seeking a protection order. This is your opportunity to tell your story and express your concerns to the judge. If the court finds that an imminent danger exists to you, a judge may issue a temporary civil protection order.

What is the Impact an Order?

A temporary civil protection order may have side effects. Its prohibitions may prevent someone from contacting you, engaging in threatening or injurious behavior, or possibly prohibit a person from the property, just to name a few.

I Have a Protection Order Issued Against Me. How does this Affect My Rights?

There is no quick and easy explanation that can address how a protection order entered against you might impact your life. It can’t be stressed enough how important it is to read through the protection order, understand its terms and restrictions, and follow them! Violating a protection order can carry extremely serious consequences. Furthermore, make sure to consider whether the protection order extends to other areas of your life. For example, frequently a protection order will restrict the possession of firearms.

Protection Orders are not to be taken lightly. Here at Modern Family Law, our attorneys have the experience and expertise necessary to help you with your protection order needs. If you feel that you may need a protection order, or if you are a person restrained by a protection order, do yourself a favor and get in touch with one of our attorneys for a free consultation today.

Posted December 07, 2016
by: MFL Team

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