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Licensed Legal Paraprofessionals in Colorado

The Colorado Supreme Court has approved the licensure of legal paraprofessionals in a new rule that is designed to make legal representation more widely available and more affordable to people in certain domestic-relations matters.

Licensed Legal Professionals (LLPs) may file court documents representing their clients in mediation during domestic cases involving divorce proceedings and child custody hearings. LLPs will also be able to accompany clients to court and answer a judge’s questions but will be unable to present oral arguments or question witnesses. Learn about Licensed Legal Paraprofessionals in Colorado below including:

At Modern Family Law, we encourage and support our paralegals in Colorado to become LLPs. MFL believes that by actively participating in this initiative, we can not only enhance the quality of our legal services but also contribute to the broader goal of increasing access to legal representation for the communities we serve. Our firm’s dedication to this cause is a testament to our belief in continuous professional development and commitment to serving our clients with compassion.

What Responsibilities can a Colorado LLP Undertake?

Although an LLP doesn’t possess all of the capabilities of a lawyer, this new Colorado rule outlines many tasks that can be handled by Licensed Legal Paraprofessionals. Rule 207.1(2)(g) explains these new responsibilities including:

1. Establishing a contractual relationship with a client (Subsection i).
2. Conducting client interviews (Subsection ii).
3. Providing guidance to clients on the usage of Colorado’s standard court forms and pleadings (Subsection iii).
4. Completing the aforementioned standard forms (Subsection iv).
5. Explaining and submitting documents in support of the standard court forms (Subsection v).
6. Managing document filing and service (Subsection vi).
7. Reviewing and explaining pleadings from the opposing party or related to pension plans (Subsection vii).                        

8. Engaging in negotiations on behalf of a client, including mediation (Subsection viii).

9. Drafting and submitting settlement agreements (Subsection ix).
10. Facilitating communication with the opposing party or attorney regarding documents (Subsection x).
11. Maintaining communication with the client (Subsection xi).
12. Clarifying court orders for clients (Subsection xii).
13. Offering clients information about supplementary resources (Subsection xiv).
14. Advising clients to seek legal representation for more intricate emerging issues (Subsection xv).

15. Limited in-court involvement: “standing or sitting at the counsel table with the client during a court proceeding to provide emotional support, communicating with the client during the proceeding, answering questions posed by the court, addressing the court upon the court’s request, taking notes, and assisting the client in understanding the proceeding and relevant orders” (Subsection xiii).

Who can Become a Colorado LLP?

In Colorado, becoming a Licensed Legal Paraprofessional involves meeting specific qualifications and fulfilling certain requirements to ensure a high level of competence and professionalism in the legal field. All applicants are mandated to successfully pass both a family law examination and a legal ethics examination administered by the Office of LLP Admissions of the Colorado Supreme Court. These exams follow the completion of a legal ethics course, which can be taken either as part of a degree program or as an independent course of study. Moreover, applicants must fulfill the stipulated character and fitness criteria and complete the professionalism course offered by the Office of Attorney Regulation Counsel.

Prospective candidates seeking eligibility to sit for the exams have several educational pathways and an experience-based option to consider. CRCP 207.8(3) enumerates five distinct types of degrees that qualify for eligibility. Irrespective of the degree type, all Colorado LLP applicants must additionally validate their accomplishment of 1,500 hours of practical experience in substantive law-related fields, with 500 hours dedicated to Colorado family law, within the immediate three years preceding the submission of their LLP application.

Applicants without qualifying degrees must demonstrate equivalence to three full-time years of substantive law-related employment, with at least one year focused on Colorado family law, within the five years immediately before applying. This mirrors the timing standard for degree holders: a combined 1,500 hours of practical experience, including 500 hours in Colorado family law, within the immediate preceding three years.

“Making it easier for people to secure legal representation in these often difficult matters has been a long-term goal of our commitment to ensuring access to justice for all Coloradans.

Allowing non-lawyers to provide limited legal representation for people who otherwise couldn’t afford it will not only help those litigants, but it will help the courts efficiently and effectively handle their cases.

-Colorado Supreme Court Chief Justice Brian D. Boatright

The Office of LLP Admissions will provide guidance regarding the manner in which applicants can substantiate their work experience eligibility. It is expected that validation from a licensed attorney affirming the completion of work experience will be mandatory for applicants.

Elevate Your Career with Modern Family Law

At Modern Family Law, we're not just a law firm – we're a community of driven legal professionals committed to growth, innovation, and making a lasting impact. If you're a dedicated paralegal in Colorado looking to take your career to the next level, we invite you to embark on a transformative journey by becoming a Licensed Legal Paraprofessional (LLP) with MFL.

1. Empower Your Independence:

As an LLP at MFL, you’ll experience newfound independence in your work. Take charge of your caseload, collaborate directly with clients, and play a hands-on role in providing crucial legal assistance. Your autonomy will be nurtured within a supportive environment that values your expertise.

2. Innovative Compensation Structure:

We recognize the contributions of our LLPs with a compensation structure that rewards your dedication and the quality of your work. Your commitment will be acknowledged through competitive compensation that aligns with your growing responsibilities

3. Exempt Employee:

Embrace your role as an exempt employee, reflecting your elevated responsibilities and recognizing your dedication to delivering exceptional legal services. Enjoy the benefits of this professional distinction within a firm that values your commitment.

4. Invested Professional Growth:

At MFL, we’re invested in your professional growth. That’s why we cover your registration and testing fees as you pursue your LLP status. We’re committed to supporting your journey every step of the way.

5. Ownership Of Your Caseload:

As an LLP at MFL, you’ll take ownership of your caseload, fostering your confidence and expertise. This ownership empowers you to have a direct impact on our clients’ lives and the legal services we provide.

6. Personalized Support:

Your growth matters to us. As an LLP, you’ll have a Managing Attorney serving as your own mentor, ensuring personalized guidance, coaching, and continuous learning opportunities.

7. Collaborate Internally:

Engage in meaningful collaborations with our experienced attorneys. As an LLP, you’ll have the valuable opportunity to consult with attorneys internally, expanding your knowledge and skills while enhancing the quality of the legal services we provide.

Join Us In Shaping The Future Of Family Law Representation!

By embracing the LLP initiative at MFL, you’re not only propelling your own career forward but also contributing to a broader mission of increasing access to legal representation in our communities. Our commitment to this cause reflects our dedication to your growth and our clients’ needs. At MFL, we believe in the power of continuous professional development and serving our clients with unwavering compassion. Take the leap, and let’s create a transformative legal experience together.



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