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Becoming A Licensed Legal Paraprofessional (LLP) In Colorado

In the evolving legal landscape of Colorado, the emergence of Licensed Legal Paraprofessionals (LLP) represents a transformative step toward expanding affordable representation. Understanding the criteria and path to achieving LLP status becomes vital as these professionals begin to carve their niche. This guide reviews the eligibility requirements, providing a clear roadmap for those aspiring to join the ranks of LLPs in Colorado and offering a glimpse into the state’s commitment to bridging the legal representation gap.

What Is A Licensed Legal Paraprofessional?

With the Colorado Supreme Court’s landmark decision on March 23, 2023, a new category of legal professionals emerged. Licensed Legal Paraprofessionals are empowered to represent clients in certain family law domains, including protection orders, name alterations, and adult gender designation changes. While these professionals can create contractual relationships with clients, dispense legal advice, prepare and file specific court documents, communicate with other involved parties, and accompany clients to court, there are boundaries. They are barred from handling complex financial issues, contested parentage, prenuptial arrangements, registering foreign orders, contempt proceedings, and executing tasks like taking depositions or cross-examining witnesses in court.

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Who Is Qualified To Become A Colorado LLP?

Colorado has stringent standards to ensure the highest levels of competence and professionalism among LLPs. Those aspiring to become licensed must clear both the family law and the professional responsibility examinations. After successfully completing a legal ethics course (which can be taken separately or as part of a degree program), they must also undergo a character and fitness review to ensure ethical soundness. Every applicant needs to amass 1,500 hours of relevant experience in law-related fields, with a specific emphasis on 500 hours dedicated to Colorado family law, all within three years leading up to their application. For those without a qualifying degree, they must prove three full-time years of substantive law-related work, with at least one year dedicated to Colorado family law, in the five years leading up to their application submission.

How Is The Work Of LLPs Regulated?

Colorado’s approach to regulating LLPs is both robust and meticulous. These professionals will come under the purview of the state’s prevailing attorney regulation framework. This encompasses aspects like registration, fee structures, mandatory continuing education, and a disciplinary system to handle any potential misconduct. Facilitating this comprehensive regulation is the Colorado Supreme Court, supervising the admission and licensing with aid from the newly established LLP Committee.

The LLP Examination In Colorado

For those interested in navigating the path to becoming a Licensed Legal Paraprofessional (LLP) in Colorado, the state’s Supreme Court has set forth specific guidelines and timelines. A dedicated web page provides details about the application process. Although the application is currently accessible for review, the commencement date for accepting applications is slated for November 1, 2023, targeting the April 30, 2024, examination date. To avoid late fees, aspirants should ensure their applications are submitted by the timely deadline of January 5, 2024. Detailed application instructions are expected to be updated on the website soon, along with more nuanced information about the exam as it emerges. Notably, the initial application fee stands at $710, which is the the same amount attorney bar applicants are charged for their initial application fee in Colorado.

Advancing Your Paralegal Career With Modern Family Law

Modern Family Law (MFL) stands out as a beacon in the legal community, dedicated not just to serving clients but also to fostering the growth of its team members. Aspiring Licensed Legal Paraprofessionals at MFL are met with:

» Empowerment: MFL empowers its paralegals with the freedom to shape their cases and foster direct relationships with clients.

» Recognition: Our compensation structure reflects our recognition of your dedication, rewarding both effort and expertise.

» Support in Licensure: MFL proudly champions its paralegals in their journey to become LLPs. We not only cover examination fees but also provide invaluable mentorship every step of the way.

» Ownership: Paralegals at MFL take the helm of their caseloads, making significant impacts on the quality of service and client outcomes.

» Continuous Learning: With the guidance of a devoted Managing Attorney, paralegals benefit from persistent mentorship and ample learning opportunities.

» Collaborative Environment: Our paralegals have the enriching opportunity to work closely with seasoned attorneys, broadening their horizons and elevating the legal services we deliver.


In the ever-evolving landscape of legal services, Colorado’s embrace of Licensed Legal Paraprofessionals signifies a forward-thinking commitment to broadening access to justice. As with all transformative endeavors, challenges and reservations exist, yet the potential for increased affordability and accessibility in legal representation cannot be understated. With other states observing Colorado’s pioneering initiative, the ripple effect of this movement may well reshape the nation’s legal framework. As we conclude, it’s clear that the journey to fully integrate LLPs is just beginning, promising a future where quality legal counsel is within reach for many more individuals.

Modern Family Law

By embracing the LLP initiative at MFL, you’re not only propelling your own career forward but also contributing to a broader mission of increasing access to legal representation in our communities. Our commitment to this cause reflects our dedication to your growth and our clients’ needs. At MFL, we believe in the power of continuous professional development and serving our clients with unwavering compassion. Take the leap, and let’s create a transformative legal experience together.

By: MFL Team

Posted October 05, 2023


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