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Families Grow
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Families Grow
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Modern Family Law's Colorado adoption lawyers specialize in representing clients who wish to adopt a child. Adoption can be a complex legal process, and our experienced adoption lawyers help guide prospective adoptive parents through every step of the process. Our Colorado adoption lawyers provide legal advice and representation in matters such as terminating parental rights, obtaining consent from birth parents, and finalizing the adoption in court.

Our attorneys can also provide assistance with home studies, adoption agency placement, and international adoptions. MFL's Colorado adoption lawyers help their clients navigate the legal system and ensure that the adoption process is completed in a timely and ethical manner. Learn about adoption in Colorado below including:

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Our experienced Colorado adoption attorneys want to help you take control of your family's future. They are here to guide you through the adoption process. If you are considering adoption in Colorado, consulting with an adoption lawyer can be a crucial step in achieving your goals of growing your family through adoption.


In Colorado, there are several different types of adoption available for individuals or couples seeking to expand their families. These include adoption from foster care, international adoption, and private domestic adoption.

Adoption from foster care is a common type of adoption in Colorado. This type of adoption involves adopting a child who has been removed from their birth family due to abuse, neglect, or other issues. Children in foster care range in age from infants to teenagers and come from a variety of backgrounds. Adoptive parents who choose this route will work with the state to ensure they are a good fit for the child, and once the adoption is finalized, the adoptive parents are entitled to financial assistance and other resources to help with the child's care.

International adoption is another option for those looking to adopt in Colorado. This type of adoption involves adopting a child from another country. Adoptive parents must work with an agency licensed to facilitate international adoptions and must adhere to the laws and regulations of both the United States and the country from which they are adopting. International adoption can be a more lengthy and costly process than other types of adoption, but it can provide the opportunity for a family to adopt a child who might not otherwise have the chance for a stable and loving home.

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Private domestic adoption is also an option for those looking to adopt in Colorado. This type of adoption involves working with a private adoption agency to adopt a child who is born in the United States. Birth parents who are considering placing their child for adoption will often work with an agency to find adoptive parents who meet their specific criteria. This type of adoption can be more costly than adoption from foster care, but it often allows for more control over the adoption process for both the birth parents and the adoptive parents.


In Colorado, several criteria determine who is eligible to adopt a child. Generally speaking, any adult who is 21 years of age or older can petition the court to adopt a child. This includes single individuals, married couples, and registered domestic partners.

Additionally, the state allows stepparents to adopt their spouse's child if the stepparent has lived with the child for at least 6 months, and the child's other parent gives up their parental rights or the court terminates those rights.

It's important to note that Colorado law prohibits adoption by anyone who has been convicted of certain crimes, including child abuse or neglect, spousal abuse, or a crime involving a child's death or serious injury. The court will also consider the prospective adoptive parent's financial stability, health, and ability to provide a stable and loving home for the child.

(1) Any person twenty-one years of age or older, including a foster parent, may petition the court to decree an adoption.

(2) A minor, upon approval of the court, may petition the court to decree an adoption.

(3) A person having a living spouse from whom he is not legally separated shall petition jointly with such spouse, unless such spouse is the natural parent of the child to be adopted or has previously adopted the child.

(4) A person having a living partner in a civil union from whom the person is not legally separated shall petition jointly with the partner, unless the partner is the natural parent of the child to be adopted or has previously adopted the child.

(5) A person who is a partner in a civil union may adopt a child of the other partner


C.R.S. § 19-5-202


The adoption process in Colorado can vary depending on the circumstances of the adoption, but generally follows a similar set of steps:

1. Decide To Adopt: The first step in the adoption process is to decide that you want to adopt a child. You can choose to adopt through an agency, privately, or through the foster care system.

2. Complete A Home Study:  Once you have decided to adopt, you will need to complete a home study. This is a process where a social worker will visit your home to assess your suitability as an adoptive parent. The home study will include an assessment of your living situation, financial stability, and background checks.

3. Find A Child: After completing the home study, you can begin the process of finding a child to adopt. You can work with an adoption agency or adoption attorney to help match you with a child, or you can explore options for foster care adoption.

4. File A Petition: Once you have identified a child that you would like to adopt, you will need to file a petition with the court. This will start the legal process of adopting the child.

5. Attend A Hearing: After filing the petition, you will need to attend a hearing in front of a judge. The judge will review your petition and any other relevant information to determine if you are eligible to adopt the child.

6. Finalize The Adoption: Once the judge approves your adoption petition, you will need to complete the process of finalizing the adoption. This will typically involve signing legal documents, such as the adoption decree, and completing any necessary paperwork to ensure that the child’s birth certificate reflects the adoption.

7. Post-Adoption Support: After the adoption is finalized, you may have access to post-adoption support services, such as counseling or support groups, to help you and your family adjust to your new life together.

Overall, the adoption process in Colorado can be complex and time-consuming, but can ultimately result in the joy of building a new family through adoption.


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Cynthia and her team are great! I hired Cynthia a week before my hearing and she made sure that she was prepared, up to date and knowledgeable about my case and handled everything in time for my hearing with very little time. Also she reached out with everything and responded quickly. She made sure that my concerns, my position and evidence were heard and having her at this hearing made all the difference for me. I’m happy I went with Modern Family Law and Cynthia, this has been mentally and emotionally draining for me to go through and as soon as Cynthia came abroad I was able to be relived of that and knew I was in good hands. My hearing went in my favor and I believe it’s because I had Cynthia. Now I can get back to my life and focus on other things and I’m just so grateful for Cynthia and her teams help.
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Brian Litzinger with Modern Family Law and I have been working together for about 4 years. He did an amazing job for me as I was going through a very difficult long custody battle for my Daughter. He helped keep me sane and is very kind and compassionate and understanding. He is the best attorney I have ever worked with and I highly recommend him. Oh, and I now have full custody of my Daughter.
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Brian and Yenesis were really great to work with. They are extremely thorough and know this area of law very well, and they won my case!
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How Much Does It Cost To Adopt A Child In Colorado?

The cost of adopting a child in Colorado can vary widely depending on the type of adoption you pursue and the services you use. According to Child Welfare Information Gateway, a foster care adoption is a cost-effective option for parents as it is described as “virtually free of cost.” In fact, most foster adoptions incur a cost of less than $1,000.

On the other hand, the cost of private adoption can vary significantly. By working with an agency, the estimated cost ranges from $30,000 to $60,000, while pursuing an independent adoption through an attorney typically ranges from $25,000 to $45,000.

For those interested in international adoption, the average cost is between $20,000 to $50,000.

What Will Disqualify You From Adopting A Child In Colorado?

In Colorado, certain factors may disqualify an individual or couple from adopting a child. These include:

1. Criminal history: A felony conviction involving child abuse, neglect, or violence may disqualify an individual from adopting a child. Another criminal history may also be considered, depending on the severity and nature of the offense.

2. Domestic violence: A history of domestic violence may disqualify an individual from adopting a child.

3. Child abuse or neglect: A substantiated report of child abuse or neglect may disqualify an individual from adopting a child.

4. Substance abuse: A history of substance abuse may disqualify an individual from adopting a child, particularly if there is evidence of ongoing addiction or relapse.

5. Unstable or unsafe living situation: A home study may uncover issues with an individual or couple’s living situation, such as an unsafe environment, inadequate housing, or overcrowding.

6. Financial instability: An inability to provide financially for a child may disqualify an individual or couple from adopting.

7. Medical or mental health conditions: Certain medical or mental health conditions may disqualify an individual from adopting a child if they are deemed to impact the individual’s ability to provide a safe and stable home for the child.

It’s important to note that each adoption case is unique and evaluated on a case-by-case basis. Additionally, some disqualifying factors may be subject to review or appeal, depending on the circumstances.

How Long Does It Take To Adopt A Child In Colorado?

The time it takes to adopt a child in Colorado can vary depending on several factors, such as the type of adoption, the age of the child, and the complexity of the case. On average, the adoption process in Colorado can take between six months to one year or longer. Here is a general timeline for each type of adoption in Colorado:

Foster care adoption: The timeline for foster care adoption can vary significantly depending on the circumstances of the child and the family. In some cases, the process can take as little as six months, while in others it can take a year or more.

Private agency adoption: The timeline for private agency adoption can range from six months to two years or more, depending on the availability of children, the number of families seeking to adopt, and the specific requirements of the adoption agency.

Independent adoption: The timeline for independent adoption can also vary, depending on factors such as the availability of birth mothers and the process of matching with a child. It can take between six months to two years or more.

International adoption: The timeline for international adoption can take between one to three years, depending on the country of origin, the requirements of the adoption agency, and the availability of children.

It’s important to note that the adoption process involves several steps, including completing a home study, background checks, and attending training and education sessions. While it can be a lengthy and complex process, the end result is often a fulfilling and rewarding experience for those who wish to provide a loving home for a child.

Can Biological Parents Revoke An Adoption In Colorado?

Under certain circumstances, biological parents may be able to revoke an adoption within 91 days of the final adoption decree. However, the burden of proof is high and legal guidance is crucial. Learn more about the revocation of a Colorado adoption.



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