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What Should I Know About Divorce

There are many important things to keep in mind when starting a divorce, such as creating financial reserves, or seeking out financial assistance, and contemplating where are you’re going to be living. Other considerations are more emotionally based, designed to help survive a divorce and chart a course for a successful future after it’s conclusion.

Top 5 Practical Considerations

1.  Finding a good divorce lawyer.
2.  Securing financial resources necessary to begin the divorce.
3.  Physically separating from your spouse.
4.  Negotiating temporary arrangements for your children, your property, and any support payments.
5.  Organizing your financial information in anticipation of full disclosure. 

Emotional considerations at the beginning of divorce are at least as important as the practical considerations.  Laying a solid emotional foundation for managing a divorce enables the successful completion of all aspects of your case.

Top 5 Emotional Considerations

1.  Identify a support group. 

2.  Realistically assess your emotional needs and whether a counselor or dedicated therapist be useful. 

3.  Seek out resources, including books, blogs, video podcasts which address the issue of surviving a divorce. 

4.  Recognize that the divorce process is similar to grieving and that all parties to the divorce move through the stages of grief at different speeds. 

5.  Commit to minimizing conflict. 

In our experience, minimizing conflict and identifying a support group are the primary emotional keys to successfully surviving a divorce. 

Posted April 12, 2019
by: MFL Team

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