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Modern Family Law: Legal Expertise With Community At Heart

Reflecting On Modern Family Law’s Recent Community Event With Texas Managing Attorney Jasmine Bhatt

Modern Family Law recently stepped into the role of community cultivator as it sponsored an engaging pop-up event in Austin, TX, brought by UrbGarden, a local nonprofit organization, and Amirah Islam. UrbGarden has carved out a niche in the heart of Austin, teaching the art of urban gardening to those in compact city spaces. With a mission centered around sustainability and food justice, they equip city residents with the tools to grow fresh produce, tackling food scarcity one garden at a time.

Amirah is a dedicated member of a women-of-color collective in Austin, and passionately contributes to the community by utilizing her culinary skills, after winning Top Chef Amateurs, by preparing monthly warm meals for the ATX Free Fridge Project. Central Texas has a higher percentage of food-insecure households than most of the country. ATX Free Fridge Project exists to combat food insecurity and food waste in Austin through 24/7 freely available fridges in neighborhoods throughout the city. All the profits from the pop-up dinner were placed towards making warm meals for the ATX Free Fridge Project. With the money raised during this pop-up event, 1200 meals were provided for the community.

This vision of empowerment and support echoes the compassionate approach of Modern Family Law, which offers legal assistance with a deep understanding of cultural complexities and a commitment to community welfare.

The event was not just a sponsorship but a demonstration of shared values and mutual respect for community development and self-sufficiency. To shed more light on this fruitful partnership and the recent event’s impact, Modern Family Law’s Marketing Director, Kirill Kniazev, sat down with Jasmine Bhatt, the firm’s Texas Managing Attorney. In an insightful interview, they discuss the synergies between providing legal services and supporting urban agriculture initiatives. The conversation highlights how both organizations are sowing seeds of positive change in the community—Modern Family Law through legal aid and UrbGarden through green thumbs.

Harvesting Hope: Modern Family Law’s Partnership With UrbGarden

Kirill: Recently Modern Family Law sponsored a dinner event with a great organization. Jasmine, what was your takeaway from the event itself?

Jasmine Bhatt: The event was hosted by UrbGarden, which is a nonprofit in the Austin area, and Amirah Islam, an avid contributor to ATX Free Fridge Project. They geared this particular event towards mostly South Asian and Middle Eastern communities. The focus of this event expanded to create a space for the community to engage with one another on global issues in addition to the grassroots of UrbGarden and ATX Free Fridge Project’s respective missions.

Prior to coming to Modern Family Law, I worked exclusively with survivors of domestic violence and sexual assault. As is still the case, many resources available to survivors were dependent on their socioeconomic status, or dependent on the abusive partner that they are fleeing from. Survivors of violence often need assistance in getting a divorce, or protective orders, but also often need further resources such as meals, safe housing, childcare, and community support in day to day necessities when starting over. UrbGarden and ATX Free Fridge Project come into play in assisting the community by providing necessities without requiring qualification or implementing any barriers to access, and attending a pop-up benefitting the community that involved these key players was very special.

The pop up brought together people from different cultural, and socioeconomic backgrounds, not limited to an audience of South Asian and Middle Eastern communities. Donors, donees, volunteers, friends, newcomers to Austin, and recurring guests of both organization’s previous events were in attendance.

My largest takeaway was that the pop up event was full of individuals that were all focused on helping grow and develop the accessible resources available in Austin, utilizing each person’s unique skillset and backgrounds.

In the beginning of the event, the event organizers and sponsors were able to describe to the guests what role they play in the Austin community. In regards to Modern Family Law, we shared that we provide family law services, which includes protective orders, custody agreements in addition to Divorce, which is many times what people may think of when hearing the term “family law”. As a South Asian woman myself, I have personally noticed how the concept of divorce can sometimes be a taboo topic within brown communities, and thought it was powerful to have the opportunity to show up in this space and provide the option for the community to learn that their particular concerns and questions can be represented, even within a legal dispute.

Unity In Diversity: The Power Of Community In Austin

Kirill: What were a couple of personal highlights from the event for you? 

Jasmine Bhatt: I loved seeing well established Austinites interact with newcomers, that came from various walks of life, career paths, and familial structures bond over community and find opportunities to collaborate, understand and empathize with one another.  It was clear that the guests craved a purpose filled community to connect to and being a part of this was the highlight for me.

I also loved how guests bonded over the delicious food from both Bangladesh and Pakistan, and witnessed the guests quickly become comfortable with one another and engage in discussion of various topics impacting the Austin community. Everybody came in wanting to uplift one another and see where they could fit in and what they could learn from another. I loved listening to the questions asked, and the open-mindedness and understanding of what resources are at our disposal within our own community and how each person contributed their piece of the puzzle towards the collective.

Community At The Core: How Our Legal Expertise Extends Beyond Litigation

Kirill: Are there any final thoughts you would like to highlight from this incredible event? 

Jasmine Bhatt: From the perspective of our law firm, I’d like to highlight that while we do provide family law legal services, we also understand that family law representation goes beyond direct representation, as we are aware that the lives of each of our clients are impacted to their core. Family law issues involve children, lifetime worth of property, relationships, safety, mental health, finances and so much more. Attorneys serve as a tool to assist individuals navigate their specific tools and crisis. MFL seeks to facilitate representation on a holistic level, accounting for an individuals personal, cultural, financial, and unique background.

We’re here with a diverse staff  that also come from all walks of life. We provide free consultations by attorneys so that individuals can take the time to get some insight into the legal journey they may embark on. Our goal is to provide a level of accessibility to the communities we serve so each person can make the right decision for them during an important time in their lives.

 Modern Family Law

Jasmine Bhatt’s insights during this interview reveal that Modern Family Law’s ethos extends far beyond providing legal advice; it serves as a compassionate anchor in the stormy seas of life’s challenges. Their engagement at the UrbGarden event went beyond mere participation; it was an act of empathy and a demonstration of their commitment to cultural sensitivity and community well-being. As MFL helps clients navigate the complexities of family law, they do so with a blend of professional acumen and genuine understanding, positioning themselves not only as legal advocates but as allies in the fabric of the community.

Modern Family Law is redefining the practice of family law, marrying expert counsel with deep care for the individual circumstances of those they serve. In the face of family disputes, we are confidants as much as we are counselors, offering tailored, culturally aware advice. Our innovative approach promises not just representation but a relationship built on empathy, making Modern Family Law a beacon of hope that stands out for its commitment to both legal excellence and the nurturing of the human spirit.

By: Kirill Kniazev

Posted November 08, 2023

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