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Modern Family Law Expands to Austin (Press Release)

New Austin firm focuses on today’s modern families – solving family challenges through unique, empathetic solutions

AUSTIN, TEXAS, USA, September 14, 2021 / — Modern Family Law, a firm focused on a uniquely compassionate approach to family resolution, is proud to announce the opening of their new family law office in Austin, Texas. Lead counsel, Marie McGrath, brings 30 years of experience along with a new model and legal mentality – one created to foster comfort and support during one of the most challenging times in clients’ lives, rather than escalating conflict for additional billable hours.

The new Modern Family Office is located conveniently near Mopac and Highway 183 at the Atrium Office Center. The team of experienced attorneys genuinely understands Austin and the issues of the community. They are already helping dozens of local families with the unique challenges facing today’s modern family, such as COVID measures, child tax credits, grandparents’ rights and new LGBTQ+ family law issues.

Managing attorney Marie McGrath brings an uncommon perspective to the practice of family law. She has an MBA in finance and more than 30 years of professional and legal experience. She also has a JD from the University of Houston and has worked for Fortune 500 companies as well as startups. Marie’s broad experience allows an evolved vantage point. Her passion is helping people through the emerging issues facing today’s modern family, which often requires a novel approach.

“We want to celebrate Austin families as well as help them through their toughest times,” said McGrath. “Our goal is to get families through their challenges as easily and quickly as possible. We work to reduce conflict and increase an equitable solution that gives all parties the best chance on a fresh start.”
Families have changed a lot over the years and require strong advocates – those that understand both the challenges these changes have created inside the family structure and the continually updating laws that govern them.

For more information on what makes Modern Family Law unique or additional details on working with the firm, please visit our Austin office.

See the original press release here.

Modern Family Law

Modern Family Law’s team of experienced family law attorneys takes a compassionate approach to the practice of family law. Using innovative technology to create an effective and efficient process for our clientele, our attorneys approach each case as a collective effort to find the best long-term solutions for each family. Our attorneys currently practice in Colorado, California, and Texas. Click the following link to view all of our family law locations. For more information please give us a call or fill out a short form online to sign up for a free consultation today! Let us make a positive difference in your life.

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Posted September 15, 2021

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