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JDF 1000 – Completing The Case Information Sheet

The JDF 1000 – Case Information Sheet is one of the first forms to be completed during the Colorado divorce process. All individuals filing for divorce, legal separation, or marriage nullification in Colorado must complete the JDF 1000 case information sheet. This article contains valuable information about completing this form as well as a link to download it.

What Information Is Included
On The JDF 1000?

This two-page form provides basic information to the court about the parties involved in a Colorado divorce, separation, or annulment. This form also provides details about any children born or adopted during the course of the parties’ marriage. Lastly, this form outlines the legal representation the parties will be using if any.

Can I Hire An Attorney After
Submitting The Initial Divorce Forms? 

During the divorce process, pro se litigants may retain an attorney at any point during the proceedings. While this is helpful to know you can hire representation at any point, it is often best to hire or at least consult with a lawyer prior to beginning your divorce as they can provide a strategy and bring to light valuable information you may not find on your own.

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By: MFL Team

Posted October 28, 2022

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