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Broomfield’s Most
Family Lawyers


Broomfield’s Most
Family Lawyers


Our compassionate and knowledgeable Broomfield family law attorneys are prepared to assist you with any family law issue. Our Broomfield clients' cases are handled with empathy and understanding. Our family lawyers are sympathetic to the overwhelming and emotional nature of family law matters. They will listen to the details of your unique case, sympathize with its difficult nature, and provide you with the professional assistance you need to get the best possible outcome for you and your family.

Our Broomfield family law and divorce attorneys are well-versed in the workings and tendencies of Broomfield County Combined Courts, and maintain connections with local judges who handle family law cases. Regardless of what family law problem we face, we strive to accomplish our clients' goals in the most economical and efficient method. We value protecting your future, and we will do everything in our power to ensure it.

compassionate family lawyers

Our experienced family law attorneys understand that no case is the same. We encourage you to reach out and share the details of your case with them so they can provide you with the guidance you need.


Compassionate family lawyers

Compassionate Mission

Each of our attorneys has chosen this field because they want to make a difference in a personal and real way. Our lawyers lead with compassion to help keep emotions and costs manageable. We love what we do and want to help you.

affordable family law services

Affordable Services

We find compassionate and considerate ways to help our clients afford our legal services. We help clients avoid excessive up-front retainers so they can keep their money where it matters most – in their hands. Our tech model helps make our services 37% more affordable than the national average.

experienced family lawyers

Unmatched Experience

We are a collaborative tea with over 100+ years of experience. Since 2014 we have helped thousands of families and individuals get a fresh start. It doesn’t matter who you are; if you have a relationship that can’t be resolved, we have the experience to help.


divorce lawyers


We go to great lengths to help our clients understand and navigate the divorce process. A better understanding leads to smarter choices. We guide client expectations and create a partnership between client and lawyer for the best outcome.

legal separation


Some may believe that legal separation is the first step toward getting divorced. They’re not related. When a couple separates, they are still legally bound by marriage but live separately. In addition, couples also split their assets, just as they would in a divorce.

child custody attorney

Child Custody

Child custody is one of the most difficult aspects of family law. Your child’s wellbeing is at the forefront of every divorce issue. The process for determining child custody can be long and difficult, but the goal is to ensure the safety and wellbeing of the children involved.

child & spousal support

Child & Spousal Support

Family law cases may trigger child support and spousal support payments. Support payments are made from one party to the other, usually on a monthly basis. Support payments can be collected by wage garnishment. Failure to pay when due can result in contempt of court proceedings.

paternity attorney


Paternity refers to the state of being someone’s father, in a legal sense. If the parents of a child are married, the status of paternity with the father is typically not in question; however, if the parents are not married to one another, paternity will need to be established.

protection orders

Protection Orders

Protection Orders are an important tool to help make a spouse safe. They’re worth the time it takes to get. If the restrained person violates one, they’re most likely heading to jail and may face criminal charges. Protection Order may also be misused as weapon against an innocent person.


Our experienced family law attorneys in Broomfield
have the knowledge, resources, and dedication to prepare your case and protect your interests
to find the best possible outcome.


divorce lawyer

Nicholas Tootalian

Managing Partner

Denver family lawyer

Brian Litzinger

Senior Attorney

Denver family lawyer

Cynthia Griffin

Senior Attorney

Denver family lawyer

Andrew Kemmer

Associate Attorney

Denver family law attorney

Sarah Wilkonson

Associate Attorney

Denver family lawyer Jeremy Monckton

Jeremy Monckton

Associate Attorney


David SandersDavid Sanders
21:37 21 Jun 22
Yes I want to thank all the staff at modern family law for all there hard work through this process I went through to win my case it was long but in long run I came out better with results then if I tried to do this on my own. I want to personally thank Chelsea Hillman And Patricia Wallace they went above and beyond to get me through all of this learning experience. I recommend them them personally and there staff to get you results. Thank you for your hard and dedication is this matter and I will be using you soon again into this matter as it's still a ongoing process.
Ceceilia ReedyCeceilia Reedy
17:04 14 Jun 22
Cynthia and her team are great! I hired Cynthia a week before my hearing and she made sure that she was prepared, up to date and knowledgeable about my case and handled everything in time for my hearing with very little time. Also she reached out with everything and responded quickly. She made sure that my concerns, my position and evidence were heard and having her at this hearing made all the difference for me. I’m happy I went with Modern Family Law and Cynthia, this has been mentally and emotionally draining for me to go through and as soon as Cynthia came abroad I was able to be relived of that and knew I was in good hands. My hearing went in my favor and I believe it’s because I had Cynthia. Now I can get back to my life and focus on other things and I’m just so grateful for Cynthia and her teams help.
Gina WarnerGina Warner
18:02 19 May 22
Brian Litzinger with Modern Family Law and I have been working together for about 4 years. He did an amazing job for me as I was going through a very difficult long custody battle for my Daughter. He helped keep me sane and is very kind and compassionate and understanding. He is the best attorney I have ever worked with and I highly recommend him. Oh, and I now have full custody of my Daughter.
Benji KelsoBenji Kelso
15:10 13 Apr 22
Brian and Yenesis were really great to work with. They are extremely thorough and know this area of law very well, and they won my case!
Devin RoybalDevin Roybal
18:53 01 Dec 21
Cynthia was absolutely amazing. We’ve been working together over the past year. She treated me with respect and professionalism. She would always get back to me in a timely manner and really believed in me. I couldn’t be more thankful for the things she did for me and showed me.I would recommend her to anyone. 5 stars all around. Thank you!!!!


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Our experienced family law attorneys in Broomfield
have the knowledge, resources, and dedication to prepare your case and protect your interests
to find the best possible outcome.