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Families Grow
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Families Grow
In Texas


Modern Family Law's Texas adoption lawyers are dedicated to assisting clients who are eager to welcome a new child into their family. The adoption journey can be intricate and laden with legal hurdles, but our seasoned Texas adoption attorneys are committed to smoothing the path for prospective adoptive parents every step of the way. Our team provides expert legal counsel and representation in critical matters, including the termination of biological parental rights, securing consents from birth parents, and successfully completing the adoption in the judicial system.

Our skilled lawyers also offer support with home assessments, coordinating with adoption agencies, and handling international adoptions. MFL's Texas adoption attorneys are well-versed in steering clients through the state's legal maze, ensuring the adoption process adheres to both a timely and principled approach. Discover more about adopting in Texas here, including:

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Our experienced Texas adoption lawyers are committed to empowering you to shape your family's destiny. They stand ready to guide you through the adoption landscape. If you're contemplating adoption in Texas, seeking advice from a knowledgeable adoption lawyer is an essential step towards fulfilling your dream of expanding your family through adoption.


In Texas, prospective parents have several adoption avenues to pursue when they decide to grow their family. These pathways include adoption through the foster care system, international adoption, and private domestic adoption.

Adopting from foster care is a frequently chosen path in Texas. This route involves welcoming a child who has been separated from their birth family for reasons such as abuse, neglect, or other complications. The children awaiting adoption in foster care span all ages, from newborns to teens, and encompass diverse ethnic and cultural backgrounds. Adoptive parents working with the Texas foster care system are carefully matched with a child to ensure compatibility, and following the adoption, they receive financial support and additional resources to facilitate the child's upbringing.

International adoption offers another viable option within Texas. This process entails adopting a child from a different country, which requires collaboration with an agency certified in international adoption proceedings. Adoptive parents must navigate the legalities of both the United States and the child’s home country. Although international adoption may be more complex and expensive, it provides a unique opportunity to give a child from abroad a loving and permanent home.

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Private domestic adoption is also accessible in Texas. This method involves adopting a newborn or a child from within the United States through a private agency. Birth parents considering adoption often work with these agencies to identify a suitable adoptive family that aligns with their preferences. While typically more expensive than foster care adoption, private domestic adoption affords a more personalized adoption experience, giving both birth and adoptive parents greater influence over the process.


In Texas, the statutes governing adoption eligibility are clear and inclusive, as delineated in the Texas Family Code, § 162.001 et seq. The law permits any adult to adopt, with the provision that married individuals must have the approval of their spouse, according to § 162.002(b). Additionally, the consent of children aged 12 or older is required for their adoption, in line with § 162.010(a).

The process also involves a six-month preparatory residency period before the adoption is finalized, as outlined in § 162.009. This ensures that both the child and the adoptive family are ready for the permanent change.

Yet, Texas law does impose certain restrictions to protect the welfare of children. Individuals convicted of certain felonies, particularly those related to child harm or violence, are barred from adopting, as per § 162.001(b). Such regulations are a testament to Texas's commitment to providing safe and stable homes for children in need of a family.

The state's rigorous yet thoughtful approach aims to ensure that every adoption serves the best interest of the child, establishing a lifelong bond of family and love. By requiring thorough background checks and legal clearances, Texas underscores its dedication to creating nurturing and secure environments for its most vulnerable citizens through adoption.

A child residing in Texas may be adopted if:

(1) the parent-child relationship as to each living parent of the child has been terminated or a suit for termination is joined with the suit for adoption;

(2) the parent whose rights have not been terminated is presently the spouse of the petitioner and the proceeding is for a stepparent adoption;

(3) the child is at least two years old, the parent-child relationship has been terminated with respect to one parent, the person seeking the adoption has been a managing conservator or has had actual care, possession, and control of the child for a period of six months preceding the adoption or is the child’s former stepparent, and the nonterminated parent consents to the adoption; or

(4) the child is at least two years old, the parent-child relationship has been terminated with respect to one parent, and the person seeking the adoption is the child’s former stepparent and has been a managing conservator or has had actual care, possession, and control of the child for a period of one year preceding the adoption.


Texas Family Code § 162.001


Embarking on the journey of adoption in Texas is a life-changing decision that involves several critical steps. The process is designed to ensure the safety and well-being of the child while also preparing you for the joys and responsibilities of parenthood. Below is a clear, step-by-step guide that outlines each stage of the adoption process, from initial legal considerations to the finalization of your new family unit:

1. Contact An Adoption Attorney: Consult and retain an attorney skilled in family law to guide you through the legalities of adoption.

2. File a Petition for Adoption: With your attorney’s help, formally file the necessary legal paperwork to begin the adoption process in court.

3. Adoption Home Study: A caseworker, assigned post-petition, will conduct a home study, requiring various documents, consent forms, and fingerprints as per the Texas Family Code.

4.  Schedule Home Visit/Interview: Arrange for the caseworker to visit when all household members are present.

5. Complete Preliminary Tasks: During the wait before the caseworker’s visit, fulfill requirements like health checks, pet vaccination updates, and gathering of necessary documents.

6. Home Study Evaluation: The caseworker will assess your home environment and suitability for child placement through interviews and home visits.

7.  Review and Submit the Caseworker’s Report: Examine the caseworker’s report for accuracy, make corrections, and submit it to the court.

8. Finalize the Adoption: Attend a court hearing where the judge finalizes the adoption, legally acknowledging the child as a member of your family, and obtain a new birth certificate.

With these steps, you'll navigate the adoption process confidently, culminating in the joyful moment when you can officially welcome your child into their forever home.


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How Much Does It Cost To Adopt A Child In Texas?

In Texas, the financial commitment for adopting a child encompasses a wide spectrum, depending on the adoption method and the complexity of the individual case. Adoption costs can start at virtually nothing and extend up to $40,000. State-run adoption programs, such as those for children in foster care, often present the most affordable option, with fees usually ranging between $300 to $400. In contrast, the route of private adoption generally incurs higher costs, frequently surpassing $20,000, attributable to the comprehensive services provided by adoption agencies, including legal work and, at times, medical care for the expectant mother.

The adoption of older children typically incurs lower expenses, primarily for processing and associated services, often just several hundred dollars. However, the financial outlay for adopting a newborn is markedly steeper, with costs varying from $40,000 to $45,000 or more, particularly when dealing with complex adoptions.

Those considering adoption should thus explore the array of financial assistance options such as tax credits, grants, and subsidies. These resources are in place to help mitigate the costs and make the adoption process more accessible for a variety of family situations.

What Will Disqualify You From Adopting A Child In Texas?

In Texas, adoption eligibility is carefully evaluated. Criminal records are reviewed, with misdemeanors warranting scrutiny based on their nature and relevance to child welfare. Felonies, especially those against children or involving violence, may preclude adoption unless time has lapsed and rehabilitation is evident.

The medical conditions of applicants are examined, with serious, unmanaged health issues possibly affecting eligibility. Financial stability is necessary to demonstrate the capacity to provide for a child. A history of violence, particularly abuse, is a critical concern. Home and safety inspections must be passed, and any indication of risk to the child during the home study may disqualify a potential adopter.

How Long Does It Take To Adopt A Child In Texas?

The time it takes to adopt a child in Texas is influenced by various factors, including the adoption type, personal choices, and unpredictable elements. Typically, the average wait time hovers around one year, but this can vary greatly based on individual cases.

For private domestic infant adoptions, the process encompasses initial screening, a home study taking 2-3 months, matching with a birth mother (timing varies), and then placement, post-placement activities, leading to legal finalization about six months after placement, averaging a total of 12 months.

Foster care adoptions involve a similar initial phase of screening and home study, usually around six months, followed by placement matching (often within a year), and a variable waiting period for adoption finalization, ranging from 6 to 12 months.

Simpler adoption cases like stepparent or adult adoptions take less time, whereas international adoptions can extend over several years due to complex international laws and policies.

Can Biological Parents Revoke An Adoption In Texas?

In Texas, the law allows birth parents a defined window to retract their adoption consent, specifically within 10 days of providing it. Beyond this period, consent is typically unchangeable, except in rare cases like consent obtained under fraud or duress.

The irreversible nature of adoption is upheld after it’s legally finalized, with a brief interval immediately following the completion for birth parents to reverse their decision through a waiver. This provision underscores the seriousness of the adoption decision and offers birth parents a limited time for reconsideration.

These regulations aim to strike a balance between the rights of the birth parents and the need for a stable, permanent environment for the child, ensuring the child’s welfare is prioritized in the adoption process.



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