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Stuck with My Spouse during Coronavirus

If one stops to think a bit about it, relationships of all sorts are going through new stresses given the Coronavirus outbreak. Even the relationships that are doing well and thriving in such a time have experienced changes that aren't necessarily helpful. It's not what life throws our way, but rather how we respond that … Continued

I’m Transgender, Does That Make Getting Married Harder?

The simple answer is, being transgender does not affect your right to get married. The United States Supreme Court Case, Obergefell v. Hodges requires all states to license and recognize same-sex marriage. Your biological sex assigned at birth cannot affect your ability to marry. However, there are some steps you should consider taking when heading … Continued

Parenting Plan Considerations: Traveling With Your New Partner

You’ve been married and have since gone your separate ways. You have children with your former spouse and navigating the complexities of that situation have been tough. But now you’ve got a new significant other and the relationship is getting pretty serious. You’d like to take your kids and your new romantic partner on a … Continued

My Predictions on the Supreme Court’s Gay Marriage Ruling

Yesterday, the United States Supreme Court heard oral arguments in Obergefell v. Hodges, the landmark gay marriage case which should answer the question of whether the Constitution requires states to a) allow same-sex couples to marry and b) if not, whether it requires the states to recognize those marriages legally performed in states that do … Continued

Celebrity Chef Cat Cora: Parental Rights for Same-Sex Partners?

Denver divorce attorneys can help gay and lesbian parents in issues like child custody and visitation rights. Take the case of celebrity chef Cat Cora. At present, she is married to her wife Jennifer Cora. They are living with their sons Zoran and Caje. And both parents are pregnant with two more sons expected to … Continued

Gay Marriage is Finally Legal in Colorado!

On October 7, 2014, gay marriage was legalized in the Mile High state. Paradoxically, that happened because the United States Supreme Court…. did nothing. Lower federal courts in Colorado, Utah, Oklahoma, and several other states had found that marriage bans were unconstitutional and should not be enforced. The States appealed but the United States Supreme … Continued

Marriage Equality in Colorado – Part Three: Marriage Licenses

In parts one and two of our Marriage Equality in Colorado series, we focused on why we have two institutions recognizing the lawful and formal union between two people, and the recent lawsuits and court rulings that have had an impact on same-sex couples in Colorado. In this post, we’ll look at the issuance of … Continued

Marriage Equality in Colorado – Part Two: Lawsuits

In part one of our Marriage Equality in Colorado series, we focused on how Colorado came to the point where we had two institutions that reflect the formal and lawful union between two people. In this segment, we’ll address the lawsuits and rulings that have had an impact on same-sex couples in Colorado. Federal Gay … Continued

Marriage Equality in Colorado – Part One: Marriage vs Civil Unions

The legal landscape for same-sex couples in Colorado is changing at a rapid rate. The recent whirlwind of activity places the relationship status of many same-sex couples in a state of legal uncertainty. Colorado Gay Marriage Ban In November 2006, the Colorado gay marriage ban was voted into law. The constitutional amendment, called the Colorado … Continued