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Dividing Assets During Divorce

For many couples considering a divorce, their overarching concern is to safeguard their financial security. Part of this process involves dividing up assets and property accumulated during the marriage. But how do you go about this? Does the court take the lead on determining who gets the televisions, cars, and chinaware? You’ll be surprised to … Continued

Separate & Premarital Property

During a divorce, one of the issues that come up is the division of assets and debts. This blog discusses the topic of premarital property and what this might mean for your divorce. What is Premarital Property? Premarital property is property which you brought into the marriage.  This property can be small, like dishes and … Continued

Splitting Personal Property in Divorce

One of the most common questions that run through someone’s mind when thinking about divorce and splitting personal property, “What’s going to happen with my stuff?” The process of divorce can be complicated. The Court is tasked with taking two people’s lives that have been inextricably intertwined, figuring out some information about the individuals, and … Continued

Safeguarding Finances In A Gray Divorce

You may have heard about the trend of divorcing late in life. A "gray divorce", as they are called, is becoming increasingly popular among the Baby Boomer generation, who are finding that ending their marriages is a way for them to take control of their lives in their later years. In fact, the divorce rate … Continued

Keep an Indisputable Record of Maintenance and Child Support Payments

In the event that you become responsible for paying child support and/or spousal maintenance, it is essential that you keep a detailed record of each payment made. If ordered to pay child support, it is likely to be for a period of several years. The duration of a spousal support order varies depending on the … Continued