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Back to School After Covid

I know, it is now July, summer is halfway over, and check-in has already started at your child’s school, surely everyone is excited, right? So, what are you expecting in 2021 with children going back to school after a whole year of remote learning from home? It was stressful enough to accommodate your child to … Continued

Is Parenting Time the Same as Custody?

Parenting Time vs. “Custody”  In a family law courtroom, you want to speak the same language as the judge and the lawyers. Speaking the same language doesn’t mean English or Spanish or French.  Instead, it means using the terms defined in your state’s statutes. The term “custody” is one of the biggest chances for people … Continued

Child Custody Questions during Coronavirus

The Coronavirus pandemic has many families confused as to how to navigate issues relating to child custody. We receive many calls from parents with questions relating to the impact of the Coronavirus and California’s shelter-in-place order (“SIP”) on existing child custody and visitation orders. We try to address the most common questions here. Can a … Continued

5 Steps to Better Parenting during Coronavirus

Families all over the world are learning to adapt to the evolving changes of their daily life due to COVID-19. With emergency orders to stay at home, many families found themselves unemployed or working from home and without school or daycare. Thus, not only are parents figuring out how to keep their children safe and … Continued

3 Tips for Co-Parenting During COVID-19

Under normal circumstances, co-parenting can be challenging enough. Trying to manage and maintain a healthy parenting plan under a pandemic is unchartered territory for all us. Attorney’s here at Modern Family Law are working through very different questions and concerns from parents when it comes to COVID-19 (coronavirus). While everyone’s family situation is different, we’ve … Continued

Useful “Stay at home” Resources for Children

CoVID-19 has had a powerful and immediate impact on us all. Businesses and schools are closing for indefinite periods. Like many companies, at Modern Family Law we have implemented a work-from-home policy. Our team and their families now find themselves with a lot more time staying at home together. This presents challenges, even as this … Continued

My Ex Is Taking The Kids Out During COVID-19

Even under the best of situations, parents do not always see eye to eye on decisions about their children. Disagreement often worsens after a break up when parents go their separate ways and possibly find new partners. What if the difference of opinion rises to the level of a safety issue? What if my ex … Continued

Modifying Orders in Parenting Cases

Parenting time orders almost always need modification. Circumstances change as the children get older or as parents moved to new locations. Parenting time order that doesn't need modification at some point, are rare.  Modifying orders is a common feature of parenting time cases.  Parenting time orders are designed around the circumstances at that time. Occasionally, … Continued

Best Interest of the Children

When a judge is called upon to decide questions related to children and divorce, such as parenting time and decision-making, they use what’s known as the “best interests of the child" standard.  This means, a judge will consider all questions from the perspective of the best interests of the children and will try to fashion … Continued

Parenting Schedules: 101

When couples break up, their relationship ends and they tend to go their separate ways. However, if a couple has kids together, the intimacy may be over, but parenting may continue for years to come. What’s more, when exes have difficulty co-parenting, it may leave the kids caught in the middle of an argument between … Continued

The Difference Between Legal Separation and Divorce in Colorado

Many people confuse legal separation and divorce.  But there’s a considerable difference between these two legal terms. Both options serve to separate couples in a marriage, and both options are enforceable by the courts, but only one choice permanently ends a marriage. Simply put, legal separation physically divides the marital estate without ending the marriage. … Continued

5 Tips For Winning Your Child Custody Case

Getting divorced is never easy, especially when children are involved. If you are in the process of fighting for child custody, it’s important to put your best foot forward. Here are five easy tips to remember. 5 Tips for Handling Your Custody Case Tip #1: Stay Involved Filing for divorce is a complicated process that … Continued

5 Tips for Co-Parenting During the Holidays

The holidays are supposed to be the most beautiful time of the year. However, families going through a divorce, the holidays can be significantly stressful. Coordinating schedules for visitations and parenting time can be overwhelming. This is especially true if this is the first holiday for a family after a split. While the transition may … Continued

The Power of Art and Reading in Coping with Divorce

Many courts either order or suggest therapy for parents and children involved in family law litigation. Particularly with regard to child therapy, I am a big advocate of art therapy in helping children cope with divorce. Children are both extremely expressive and extremely creative. They learn by interacting with their environments and processing their experiences … Continued

Top 5 Co-Parenting “Dont’s”

Last time I wrote I talked about the ten things that co-parents should do to be successful at co-parenting. Today I want to talk about the flip side of that coin, the things that you should never, ever, do as a co-parent. I spend a lot of my time counseling my clients on how to … Continued

Opinion: A New Senate Bill Would Harm Colorado’s Children

There is currently pending before the Colorado State Senate a bill that purports to “preserve the parent-child relationship in domestic actions.” As is often the case in politics, the title of the bill is incredibly misleading. It would, in fact, have entirely the opposite effect of what it claims. The bill claims to “protect” the … Continued

10 Tips for Successful Co-Parenting

Family law is a strange animal. Unlike most other types of cases, family law cases often don’t end with the court’s “final” or “permanent orders.” Where this is most apparent is in those cases where children are involved, such as divorce or allocation of parental responsibilities. In an ordinary civil case, litigants bring their case to … Continued

10 Signs Your Child Needs Summer Tutoring

We see signs of burnout in just about every child as summer break approaches. Parents are excited to get a break from the daily (and sometimes stressful) routine of school and homework. Kids are eager to get to sleep in, play more, and have less structure to their day. However... In the happy first days … Continued